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Meet Vanessa: A Small Town Girl In A Man's World

Posted on 05 October 2018

What makes you a beautiful disaster?
I remember being the small town girl, who was afraid to get into something and never grow and just fail my dreams. I remember having 9 things by the time I graduated high school, it all came to three things. When my photography dream faded away, I guess it opened up my door to my second dream. Working on cars, painting cars. I remember being afraid of being the only girl in class cause I thought maybe guys would treat me weird, but funny thing is they became my welcoming family to the male dominant world. I remember the guys always looking clean while I could care less how dirty my clothes were, how dirty my hands were, just as long my work was looking good and completed. I remember almost two years ago moving drastically in such a short time after graduating college (like three weeks) to work at a job I never heard of. I remember working hard busting ass doing interior work in the paint depo, how much I dreamed to be in the top coat booth. I remember months later (3 months to be exact) getting into the booth that has now became my home for almost two years now, being one of the top painters... Looking me ma! Im always making you proud! Most of all... Im making myself proud... Everyday Im always working on climbing up... To keep my sanity... To be proud of myself, to always remember my going out of my own way actions... will always be enough.... 

Why do you identify with the Beautiful Disaster Brand?
Ive honestly came across it for the first time on Facebook, I honestly thought it was something to do with girls in automotive, until I noticed it was about both men and woman facing their own worlds battles. To me, how cool is that to still see positivity in a world full of chaos.

What has life been like for you? 
It has been it's own roller coaster ride. When I was younger I remember always trying to be a part of the crowd, until later in life I was meant to be my own person. I had such a hard time expressing how I felt, I always bottled things up, was always made fun of for being over weight, and personally I always had the tendency to stay away from people. I always felt like I had no one to go to. Until the day I had my first heart break. Let me tell you, that was the lowest I ever seen my peace fall. 

What made you turn it around?
After my heart break leaving me to rock bottom. I build myself up in such a way I didn't even think was possible. I had one wonderful best friend who helped me along the way so much, she had me to track in high school. I started to lose weight, I smiled more, I made sure to be a level headed person. Being on a team was my determination, to not let them down but over all, to not let myself down. I do still have my ups and downs. My tough moments, but all we can do is stay strong, smile, and remember your worth to keep moving forward.

How is your life now?
Im a little stubborn here and there. I sometimes get in my phases where I overthink and have myself wonder. I try to remember and keep it up there that I am important. That I come first. Things that are meant to be will always be. As of now, I work for a company painting trains. Being a painter can show you how much you can be your own worst enemy. I've learned to have patience, to slow down, and take life one day at a time. A different challenge awaits every single day and it's up to me to decide to take that day by the horns or to let it stomp all over me.

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