This is what made me a Beautiful Disaster.   

I thought and felt like this man was the reason I was alive he was everything to me. I don't remember how it started when he 1st put hands on me but I remember thinking that he really loves me. When he didn't hit me I got scared that he didn't love me. ( I understand how sick it sounds) but I felt like he loved me when he did put hands on me. 

We got together when we were both 19 years old. Young and dumb we started using drugs and I lost all my friends because I lost touch or never returned there calls because I wanted to be with only him. He on the other hand wanted to be with me and everyone else. I hated myself for not being skinny enough, pretty enough, I understood why he never took me out. I didn't blame him I was disgusted with my looks as well. I spent the 4 years alone while he went out cheated and I kept making excuses to myself why he does this. Then I got pregnant. We had the baby, I was clean but he wasn't so I used again. 

What changed was he went to prison for 2 years. I didn't get clean right away but I did get a job, made friends and I found me. But I still loved him.

He came home everything was great for 5 years. he bought a home for us. I didn't notice at 1st but things changed. He started hitting me and I found out he was cheating on me and using drugs. I was embarrassed that this was going on, I tried to make it work but my son was older and I couldn't do this to him.

We left one night out my sons window and moved back home but I kept on going back to his dad.

But here i am now. I'ts been 3 years I have my son and we got our own place. I don't know what I did but I found myself and left. I found myself back in bad relationship after bad ones. But I can say I met the man of my dreams. He is patient and loves me and my son. He has helped me find myself. I love this brand for what it stands for and how they put other women's stories out there so we all know that we are not alone. We all are Beautiful Disasters that have overcome all odds. 

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October 05, 2018