My name is Regan I'm 27, I'm a single mom to the best son I think you could ask for and if he wasn't mine I'd say the same thing about him. I was only 15 when I had him, its been hard at times and thought that maybe I should of given him to a couple who could give him more.

Don't get me wrong he has everything and more than he needs. It's just that I lost my best-friend, my rock, my daddy 10 years ago my son wasn't even 2 yet. I buried my dad and the next day was his 2nd b-day.

My dad had emotional mental problems and never thought he needed help. And I never thought he would commit suicide though. I mean it's your parents they're supposed to be around for a long time and you never think that they aren't. It messed me up mentally bad.

I started abusing drugs, not being the mother I should of been. I was still there but mentally I was not. I've always had depression and anxiety and I remember my dad saying I was a beautiful disaster and ever since I always said that's what I am. I try to get ahead and make the right decision but somehow it doesn't work out too well for me. And when I found this brand I had to buy from you. That way every time I wear something I remember that time and I feel blessed my dad was my daddy.

I had to wake up to one of my dearest friend dead from a overdose ,my son being abused by my boyfriend at the time which I was always so messed up I didn't realize and I still regret that I  wasn't strong enough for him for me to get clean and get back on track with my life which I'm still working on but nowhere near the disaster I was. Now I'm a Beautiful Disaster. Got a great job and about to get a new car, still clean not even a relapse in 6 years.

I'm not ashamed of where I've been because that's exactly why I'm where I am today. My dad always told me the most important person is you. If you can't take care of yourself then you can't take care of anyone. Also if there's a will there's a way. I realize now he really was telling me something valuable. I've always been a beautiful disaster and always will be!! When you can be anything in the world why not just be you! That's my short version of why I'm a beautiful disaster trust me I am one in a million.

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October 05, 2018