What makes you a Beautiful Disaster?
My name is Nicole and I was born with a chronic illness called Chronic Kidney Disease. I was born at 27wks weighing only 1.5lbs. Since I was born so early my kidneys were too small to function. I went through several surgeries and dialysis before I was even 5yrs old. I got my kidney transplant on 6/8/98(YAY!) My life is definitely out of the ordinary. I take around 10 pills twice a day to keep me alive. I see several doctors year round to make sure I stay "stable". The hospital is basically my second home. 20yrs later I'm happy to say I still have my kidney. Most transplants only last 5-10yrs so thats a HUGE accomplishment alone! I've had a few "hiccups" along the way,but for the most part it's worth it for a second chance at life.
Why do you identify with the Beautiful Disaster Brand?
I've ALWAYS called myself a "Beautiful Disaster" as long as I can remember. Even though I have Chronic Kidney Disease I've NEVER let it stop me. I'm not even sure "quit" or "can't" is in my vocabulary. 
What has life been like for you?
A Beautiful Disaster. It's been tough but I'm tougher.
What happened for you to turn it around?
I've never been the type to want sympathy for my story. Honestly I could of given up a long time ago. I suffer from depression as well and for awhile I wondered "Is this all life has to offer?" "What more can I do to feel valuable?" Now I embrace my incurable disease and raise awareness.
What is life like for you now?
If I never got a kidney transplant I probably wouldn't be here to see my beautiful sister chase her dreams, watch my gorgeous nieces grow up, and I would of never met my amazing and supportive husband.I also wouldn't be chasing my dreams as a Kidney Advocate and educating people on Kidney Disease.
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October 05, 2018