Meet Beautiful Disaster Tina: She Realized How Wonderful Life Really Is.

Meet Beautiful Disaster Tina: She Realized How Wonderful Life Really Is.
How I identify myself with the Beautiful Disaster Clothing is I am beautiful and have been a disaster!! The clothing is everything I am, I love skulls the writing and the black cat!
My name is Tina Amstutz Kenyon.
I was born in 82 my father committed suicide when I was only two years old.
My mother basically raised me and my brother by herself even though she remarried when I was 7 years old. She taught me how to be strong and independent on my own. That wasn’t realized till later on in life. Needless to say I became an alcoholic when I was 19 years old and I started messing with drugs.
I first got married when I was 23 years old. I thought because we lived together we should be married. He was abusive mentally and emotionally and then it turned violent. I contemplated suicide myself many times but it never happened, I got divorced when I was 24 years old. As I was trying to figure out who I was and wanted to be, I met my second husband and we both were alcoholics at the time.  As time was going by and in my sober moments I realized I deserved much better than I was allowing myself to have.
I became sober after about 6 months being married to him and I stayed married to him for about 8 years. He also became emotionally and mentally abusive. The marriage was lifeless and loveless and I felt that I was the problem, truth is I realized just how wonderful life really is without the drugs and alcohol!!!
So, I have stayed sober now going on 12 years drug and alcohol free!! I never gave up the dream of doing what I love! I recently got married in 2017 to the most amazing man ever!! He is my prince charming and helped me follow a dream of mine, which is to be a truck driver and in about two weeks I will be going to school for just that!! 
This is why I am a Beautiful Disaster.
What Doesn’t kill You Makes You Stronger!!

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Nicole August 14 2019

Thank for sharing your story! As a sober sister myself… recovery is a beautiful journey!
Forever grateful.

Shelly May 4 2019

You are a fantastic beautiful disaster. It is very heart warming to know that there are other women who have grown up in a less than perfect home and have made that decision to break the cycle. Break the cycle of abuse, alcohol, drugs and I may be assuming too much but I would be very surprised if major depression wasn’t in there too. But you have made the more difficult choice of change. Change is very difficult to do even when you are doing something wrong. I salute you and your strength to make it happen and am very happy that you have found love. A love that is thoughtful and kind and thinks you are beautiful. You are a beautiful disaster and deserve to be happy.

Cookie May 4 2019

Congratulations on ur sobriety!!! I’ve been battling a heroin addiction for 20 yrs now… I’m not gonna get in2 my life story lol, but I’ve been sober now for 3 and a half yrs… I submitted my story to BD so ull be able to read it soon!!! SO PROUD OF U ❤️

Tara May 3 2019

Congratulations on your sobriety! You are a warrior! Always beautiful! 💞

Stephanie May 3 2019

Congratulations on your 12 yr Sobriety I am 10 years sober And I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’m loving life even through my struggles of surviving this expensive world we live In.

WendyA May 3 2019

Congrats on the sober life and ditching that negative! Always be true and disasters happen! Stay beautiful!

Winndee May 3 2019

Congrats on 12 yrs clean 🎉🙌🏼 ! That’s super amazing, especially in this day and age!!! Also Congrats on following your dream 💖! Even tho life has dealt you a WAY less than good hand… are pushing through and conquering 💪🏼 your goals and dreams!!! You TRULY ARE BEAUTIFUL!! Good luck🍀 with school and keep showing this world you ARE a Beautiful Disaster 💪🏼💖😍🙌🏼

Jenifer May 3 2019

Wow .. Your truly an inspiration. Thank you for sharing and congrats on 12 yrs sober🌻

Camille R Bowlin May 3 2019

Thank you for sharing YOUR STORY ❤

Kimberley Leatham May 3 2019

Tina, what inspiration!!! I too am an alcoholic been sober now 27 months. I lived in an abusive marriage for 23 years with the same feelings of being the problem. I am dating the man of my dreams and hope to one day be married to this man. I love this clothing as it shows a past and a future that we now chose. Thanks for your story

Donna Singleton May 3 2019

your story is an amazing journey of trials and tribulations that you have overcame. You are an inspiration to women everywhere. I myself have been on a similar road as yours and I to overcame the abuse and the desire to be drunk all the time. I have had my CDL for going on 21 years now. I can proudly say I own a small fleet of trucks and I am happy as hell to be a Beautiful Disaster, every road, bump turn and twist has taught me something about myself and I am very happy to be me…You hold your head high and go for it girl you will find that dream a reality before long….Congrats

Liza May 3 2019

Tina, what a powerful a moving story. I have to tell u I honor your bravery for putting this out there. One day at a time, Sis. Congratulations for the 12+ years!
- Liza 🙏