I am 35 and suffering from PTSD because of my life. I was molested from the time I was 6 until age 10. I've been beaten by many of my mother's boyfriends growing up. I escaped a 10 year long relationship from my daughter's father who has bipolar disorder. 
I am a Beautiful Disaster because I'm surviving life. I identify with this brand knowing there are others just like me. Life has been a living nightmare for me. What happened is I finally found someone who loves me for me and I was ruining it because I didn't even know I had PTSD until it got so bad that it was effecting everything I did.
So, we moved in with my family to help. Life is now starting to get better, but it's still a huge struggle. My favorite hoodies (that I can't wait to find money for) is the purple, What You See Is What You Get Hoodie and the You Don't Know My Story hoodie. I love hoodies. 


Tammy said:

Im so happy for you that you found your worth and how precious and wonderful you are!

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April 21, 2023