I am a Beautiful Disaster. My past has been challenging, I’ve been through a bad (DV) marriage/divorce, raising my youngest on my own with no support from the dad. I’ve been cheated on and humiliated. I was verbally and mentally abused for years and taught that I needed a man to survive in life. I was told I’d be left with nothing.

I recently found Beautiful Disaster and instantly felt the empowerment that I had been gaining slowly over the years. When I wear Beautiful Disaster I feel like nothing can hurt me again. I even have the vinyl car decal (I get lots of positive comments).

At this point in my life, my kids are grown and leading amazing lives. It’s now my turn to work on myself. I take no crap from others and have a better self esteem than before. It’s my turn.

Thank you Christina for this amazing line that empowers those that were overlooked and treated like we didn’t matter in this world. I proudly wear your line and share it with my friends…I am slowly building my wardrobe as I can afford it. 

I am Beautiful Disaster! 


Tammy said:

You go girl! Me and others can relate 100% and ditto to what all you said

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April 21, 2023