TW: Domestic Violence
I resonate to the Phoenix From The Ashes I Rise Collection because in 2017 I fell victim to domestic violence. My ex-boyfriend was a drug addict and drank a lot. It was the morning and he had suddenly became angry. He wrestled me to the floor and repeatedly slammed my head on the floor, smacking me, pulling me around by my hair. He drug me to the kitchen, pushing and shoving me against the wall. With his relentless pushing, smacking and punching, he pulled me outside to the yard and starting giving me the WWE Smackdown beating. I was laying helpless in the middle of the street until his grandmother came home to find me. Police were called and he was taken away. They found me with gashes, bruises, and cuts all over my neck back, legs, and arms and I was taken to the ER. My results came back, indicating head trauma and concussion. Days later, I was back in the hospital and found out my right ribs were fractured. He stole my car and wrecked it. I lost my house, car, and job. From those ashes I rose.
Today, I am happy and healthy. I’ve built a whole new life. I have a man who loves me and treats me like a queen. I have my own place with two dogs and a new vehicle, back in school at Southern New Hampshire University. If it were not for me going through the abuse, I would not be where I am at today. I am the perfect example of the Phoenix. I am a Beautiful Disaster. Due to this, I now talk about domestic violence, share my story and spread awareness.
I identify with Beautiful Disaster Brand because I survived the disaster that came to destroy me. I wear my scars to share the story of how I went from victim to survivor. 

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October 15, 2021