Danyelle's Story: Break The Silence

Danyelle's Story: Break The Silence

TW: Domestic Violence 

I am a Beautiful Disaster because my life has been a disaster, but has made me beautiful. I am still standing strong and getting stronger everyday. I relate to the Beautiful Disaster brand and have for years because I am a beautiful soul that has been through hell and back.

I'm now 36 and still fighting as I go through things. I choose to be strong and not let my past define me. For last few years, my two sons and I have been through a lot. I recently got us out of a 3 year Domestic Violence relationship because if I had stayed, I would have ended up in a hospital or dead. I always tried to find ways out, but every time I would try to leave he would threaten to kill me, beat me, or have my boys taken from me. He instilled fear into me so he to the point where I stayed because I was scared of my boys being taken.

My boys are my world and I would never want them to be in any danger, I would do anything to protect them. I stayed until one day he jumped on me so badly, bruising me and busting my car windshield. This led me to press charges and the Warrant Sargent warned me that if I were to stay with him, he would end up killing me and it was time for me to leave and get away.

Well, I thought about what he said nonstop for weeks until one day, I decided I didn't care about what happened to me as long as my baby boys were safe and sound. I grabbed them, got in the car and never looked back...we lost everything because of him. We had to start from bottom again as I lost my apartment, car, job....everything.

When I arrived at my moms few days later, he came and jumped on me one last time....but it is all okay now because he looking at 15 +yrs 1st degree Domestic Violence and will be locked away soon.

I got away and I am better now. Of course, I am still struggling because I did lose everything, but that's okay because God is helping me and guiding me. I did get myself another car and a job with DoorDash. Meanwhile, waiting for my CNA training to call me back. Everything is much better now and my boys are better and happy.

IF YOU OR ANYONE YOU KNOW is battling Domestic Violence, tell them to get out....If I can do it with two babies, they can too. Let the fear go because you have nothing to fear...

Men like that are cowards....Stand Your Ground and Get Out Before Disaster Strikes... Silence is violence..

My favorite beautiful disaster item would be totes, leggings...actually all of it because it would be too hard to pick..I LOVE IT ALL......#BreakTheSilence.... #IAMADOMESTICVIOLENCESURVIVOR.

Thank you for sharing a little bit of my story!

Click here to learn about how Beautiful Disaster is honoring Domestic Survivor Month.

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Flanders Krista 10 days ago

I am a beautiful disaster I used to do drugs and not care about life until I met Skylar. A week after going out we had sex and the first time I got pregnant with my daughter. When I found out I cold turkey quit everything and cleaned my life up for her. She has been my angel and I don’t know where I would be without her. I ended up marrying my daughters dad and he ended up being mentally and physically abusive. I got me and my daughter out of that horrible abusive packed our stuff left and filed for a divorce.

Sam 12 days ago

My story is I have been in a abusive and a narcissistic relationship for 10 years five years ago I had left with four of my children two with a previous relationship we left for 10 months and he suckered me into coming back in September 2020 there was signs of him with another woman in December 2020 he got in the truck accident had a head concussion come to find out she was in the truck with him the end of February 2021 I finally got the urge to leave after having a argument with my oldest daughter threatening to kill us I left with five of my children three with him and my two from my previous we went into a safe house and he had went to jail his parents bailed him out and $30,000 with no conditions every day since February when he found out where we were he has tormented and taunted us and we are still going through court two weeks ago the court took away all his rights now the criminal side is starting and I don’t see getting much much justice so reading some of your clothing puts a lot of aspect into my life thank you for listening and thank you for having your clothing line so people like me can show how proud we had become.. Big supporter of domestic violence

Arial Franklin 12 days ago

Im sorry for the hell you were put through
I wish i could say it gets better but im still trying to find the silver lining in my own. Since i was littlemy lifes been a disaster. My parents split when i was three. When i was six i almost died after being mauled by two Rottweilers for a significant amount of time. I was raped by a cousin when i was twelve and still have not had the courage to share that with my family. He’s currently in prison for doing it to someone else. If i had just spoken up it wouldnt have happened to someone else. I found my middle school love in 2018 at a birthday party. He helped me fight and beat a demon with opiates. But then on thanksgiving 2019 the love of my life, my husband, my children’s “step father” committed suicide on thanksgiving day. Just a few days after his 30th birthday and our son just turned 13. He shot himself in our living room just a step in front of me. The mental health battle I’m fighting is worse than my addiction ever was. Ptsd is real. I feel it every single day. Why him? If anyone had to go why him? Why not me? Did i do something wrong? Could i have changed something if i had known what he was battling? Why did he feel he had to be so strong and couldn’t fight through it with me and our babies? The police investigated my husbands death for three months and ended up ruling it as an accident. Everyone has questioned how it was an accident and if i was there how i didn’t get arrested for possibly killing him. I fight with this every day in the small rural area we grew up in. They all say “he would never have done that to his kids, he was stronger than that”. His mother was his next of kin since we were only common law married and to this day has not had a funeral for my husband. I cant comprehend this. How do i grieve and feel he is at peace possibly? At the top of that when we were teenagers he made the comment and called me his angel of disaster. Beautiful disaster, angel of disaster, how ironic.

Jillenemarie ricci 12 days ago

I could never be so proud of you at this moment, and doing what you need to do! I can tell you I know what it’s like yes I’ve had a knife at my throat before and I was lucky enough to get away from the relationship!! I cannot convey how much kudos, And love that I can give it to you right now for what you have done to protect you and your children!!
Sending you Angel hugs and butterfly kisses