TW: Domestic Violence 

I am a Beautiful Disaster because my life has been a disaster, but has made me beautiful. I am still standing strong and getting stronger everyday. I relate to the Beautiful Disaster brand and have for years because I am a beautiful soul that has been through hell and back.

I'm now 36 and still fighting as I go through things. I choose to be strong and not let my past define me. For last few years, my two sons and I have been through a lot. I recently got us out of a 3 year Domestic Violence relationship because if I had stayed, I would have ended up in a hospital or dead. I always tried to find ways out, but every time I would try to leave he would threaten to kill me, beat me, or have my boys taken from me. He instilled fear into me so he to the point where I stayed because I was scared of my boys being taken.

My boys are my world and I would never want them to be in any danger, I would do anything to protect them. I stayed until one day he jumped on me so badly, bruising me and busting my car windshield. This led me to press charges and the Warrant Sargent warned me that if I were to stay with him, he would end up killing me and it was time for me to leave and get away.

Well, I thought about what he said nonstop for weeks until one day, I decided I didn't care about what happened to me as long as my baby boys were safe and sound. I grabbed them, got in the car and never looked back...we lost everything because of him. We had to start from bottom again as I lost my apartment, car, job....everything.

When I arrived at my moms few days later, he came and jumped on me one last time....but it is all okay now because he looking at 15 +yrs 1st degree Domestic Violence and will be locked away soon.

I got away and I am better now. Of course, I am still struggling because I did lose everything, but that's okay because God is helping me and guiding me. I did get myself another car and a job with DoorDash. Meanwhile, waiting for my CNA training to call me back. Everything is much better now and my boys are better and happy.

IF YOU OR ANYONE YOU KNOW is battling Domestic Violence, tell them to get out....If I can do it with two babies, they can too. Let the fear go because you have nothing to fear...

Men like that are cowards....Stand Your Ground and Get Out Before Disaster Strikes... Silence is violence..

My favorite beautiful disaster item would be totes, leggings...actually all of it because it would be too hard to pick..I LOVE IT ALL......#BreakTheSilence.... #IAMADOMESTICVIOLENCESURVIVOR.

Thank you for sharing a little bit of my story!


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October 08, 2021