A lot of us women have a story to tell and this is mine. I grew up with alcohol, drug, and sexual abuse. I was molested and sexually abused by my step father for 4 years from the age of 10-13. I told my mom and he was sent to prison. I met a guy and got pregnant at the age of 15. Shortly after, the guy left me and I dropped out of high school. When I was 5 months pregnant, I met my husband. We’ve been married for 26 years now and have 3 beautiful grown children.
At 18 I got my GED. Over the years with my husband, we’ve been through hell and back with each other. His infidelity lead to my drug use in 2008. I was a stay at home mom at the time he was making 100k+ a year. My habit was costing me 1k a week!! He had an accident at work and I had to nurse him back to health (while on meth). I was a “functioning” addict.
The income stopped, my habit was still strong, and we ended up losing everything. House, car, pride but we never lost each other. I had to apply for government assistance to feed my family. We were never homeless as my husband always pulled through for us no matter what. When I was able to see clearly, I couldn’t believe that our own families never even offered even their damn garage to sleep in! When we had money, they were ALWAYS around.
I put my feet on the ground prior to us losing it all and got clean, cold turkey style, in 2009. It was a rough ride and it sure as hell wasn’t easy! When I applied for government assistance in 2011 I had to do some community service for the benefits and job search. They set my hours up with my county’s human services office. I did it for 1 month and was offered a full time position. I was a food stamps/Medicaid tech for 4 1/2 years. 
In 2012, I was diagnosed with endometriosis, had a hysterectomy and underwent awful medical treatment. After the surgeries I had gotten a hernia...uuuugh what else was life going to throw at me?!?!? Went for a hernia repair in 2015 that went wrong due to mesh. From 03/15-10/15 I had 6 abdominal surgeries where they cut me open each time. Due to me exhausting my FMLA, I was terminated at the County office. I fell in to a deep depression and felt that I would never be given another chance at having another career. I never gave up hope though.
In 2018, I was offered a job for SCL health working as a Financial Counselor at one of the hospitals. I’ve climbed the ladder and am working for the corporate office now. In 2019, I lost my sister who was like my second mom. We weren’t talking at the time of her death due to her demons. I fight everyday to keep going and I know one day it will get easier. Through everything that’s been thrown at me...my faith has been what’s kept me going. Every obstacle has taught me a lesson and has made me stronger than EVER! I am a BEAUTIFUL DISASTER! What didn’t kill me made me stronger!
I ran across Beautiful Disaster on Facebook. My favorite collection(s) are In Loving Memory, Perfectly Imperfect, Butterfly, and Stronger. Heck, ALL of them!! They all have a meaning to my story. I am far from perfect and that’s okay.  What I went through, it didn’t kill me, it made me stronger and I came out to be a BEAUTIFUL, STRONG butterfly who put her past to rest. A lot of us  women have a story and never be ashamed of your past…tell it and tell it without any regrets 😘 Thank you for reading this and thank you for sharing with us all the beautiful quotes and apparels.
- Sincerely Anonymous

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October 01, 2021