Renee's Story: Found Myself With Beautiful Disaster

Renee's Story: Found Myself With Beautiful Disaster

I lived with a narcist for 2 1/2 years and for most of this time I was mentally and physically abused! I never felt so alone in my life... He took control over everything in my life, from my clothes, make-up and family and friends. I had no friends and my own children were out of my life. I wanted out so bad, but it is much harder than people think. Many people don't understand how mental abuse controls your whole life. He would hit me daily, broke my cheek bone while driving, I got back handed and broke a tooth and my glasses. 

After this attack I tried moving away...not letting anyone know where but he found me, made me lose apartment and move back with him, for control. From this time till February things just got worse!! He turned my entire apartment upside and inside out, like a tornado had gone threw, over papers he found from 2014 many years before him. 
While with him I was working and in online school full-time, he would go threw my laptop, phone, and purse and if he found anything to him to be wrong my stuff would be broken and I had to replace 4 phones, 2 laptops. He starting controlling my make-up, claiming I always had new stuff when I didn't. He had GPS on me to watch my every move and so if I took to long or turned/not turn he would call or text blowing me up.
By now, it's February when I was held in my place for 48 hours being beat so badly I now am not able to open my jaw all the way, needed a knee replacement and my index finger reconstructed. He was pouring all my meds into the toilet and when I tried to stop him, he hit me in the nose and broke that too.
On the 3rd day, I was finally able to get out and went to work, where my boss made sure I never had to go back home and put me in a hotel. On this same day, in the ER at 2:30 pm, an officer came up to me. Up until this point, no officer really cared, but he did!! He said to me "I taught a class to 163 officers to show how mental abuse is just as, if not worse, than just physical abuse. Finally, I found my angel!! To this day I wear his badge number on bracelet!! If not for him spending 2:30am till 9:30pm listening to my story, I do believe he would not have ever been arrested 2 days later!!
Now it's been since 2/6/19 and we are finally getting to the point of jail time. I pray he gets all the Judge can issue!
During this time frame is when I found Beautiful Disaster and I found myself in this label!! I wear Beautiful Disaster proudly and I believe going through hell to find this line is what was needed. I would be dead if not for my Guarding Angels and wearing my voice with BD!! Just like the Phoenix, I have risen like the ashes and, for that reason, Phoenix is my favorite collection.
I am stronger then ever and I use my outfits to also try to help others that need there voice heard!! 

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Rhonda December 6 2021

IM GLAD EVERYONE IS SO VERY STRONG IN ALL THEY HAVE ENDURED , YOUR TRUE WARRIORS as For myself Things are Never easy and trying to love someone who Never seemed to love back and only cared about material things after been through already just want enough. I still trusted only to find myself more hurt buy so many hardships throughout Life and the people often in it , Life isn’t fair and some the hardest falls , failures and loss leave us EMPTY , SHAMEX AND OFTEN TOO LOST to Find ourselves again often nothing left in us till another harder fall of suffering pain , or madness that consumes and often fears are never ending. but one who trust and believe should do so with their own heart as it were another’s as if it were their own..Hearts Beat broken and often unbearable eyes full of tears leaving BEAUTIFUL AND BROKEN DISASTERS OF YET STILL HOPE to find all that was ment to Break into THE PERFECTLY IMPERFECT PEOPLE WE ARE IN THIS IMPERFECT WORLD , YET TO FORGIVE , FORGET BUT YET STILL FIGHT TO BELIEVE ALL THAT WAS BROKEN CAN STILL CAN LEAD TO OUR STRENGHTHS BUT Never do we forget we are and we are EVERYONE AND ANYONE who has ever fought or battled the unseen and never forgotten the pain yet is a reminder & the meaning of LIFE IS LOVE AND TRUST is LOVE LIFE IS NEVER PROMISED , BUT WE ALL MUST BELIVE HAVE PROMISE TO OURSELVES THAT WE ARE ENOUGH AND TO TRUST THE PROCESS..AS WE ARE ALL HERE TO HEAL..GOD BLESS

Denise Braddy September 21 2021

Thank you Renee for your story. I too was a victim of physical and mental abuse. I am latina and could not speak to my family in spanish and I could not be late from work also if i needed anything for our child he would buy it but would charge me for it and I could not use it until I paid him. I had to wait outside our apartment until he got done entertaining his female friends then would get beat up for comfronting him. Finally an angel in a policeman siut moved in next to us and saved me and my daughter from being beat up. Told me I was worth more and I could make a better life for me and my daughter. I did went back to school became a nurse and met a wondeful man. I too like the phoenix rose up stronger. Thank you beatiful disaster for this clothing line and thanks to all the wonderful ladies out there that are becoming stronger. Love you all.

Kimberly Moore Messina September 20 2021

You are a warrior.

Rosemary S. Kinder September 20 2021

Thank you so much Renee, for sharing your story. You are a sweetheart, I feel bad, reading what that man put you through. But the ending is just your beginning…I really wish you the best from this day forward.

Donna D Dudley September 19 2021

Thank you for sharing your story. I am so sorry you went thru this, but yes like a Phoenix rising you are a survivor. You are a much stronger woman and will continue to grow as you go on. I share so many similarities with you and believe it or not we can suffer so much more and again rise from the ashes. Today is my 62 birthday and I have had a weekend to reflect on my life so far. I don’t know how I’m still here to be honest. So many challenges, so much heartache, but still I trod on because I have bounce-back-ability, and so do you Renee. God bless you and keep on growing into the best you that you can!!

Corine Helvey September 19 2021

I corine helvey I am single mom daughter 18 disable treacher Collins syndrome deaf raising my great newphew 13 an just got out relationship abusing had vehicle repo that was our only way to an from children’s for my daughter we’re so glad that I met this wonder man that can in my life