For so long, I felt that I was alone in my battles and that no one really cared how I felt. That is, until I found Beautiful Disaster. Reading others’ stories and getting to know what this amazing tribe is about made me understand that I am not alone and that there is complete understanding in this tribe!
When I was 13, I met the man who would eventually break every part of me. I thought he was the greatest thing there was and by the time I was 17, I was emancipated, married, and pregnant with our first child. He degraded me on the daily, made me feel that I was disgusting because I was pregnant, and was beginning his reign of abuse on me. By age 21, I had 2 beautiful daughters that I was taking care of on my own because he was too busy out partying and cheating on me. He warped my thinking and made me think that he was mean to me by my own fault, even though I never left the house, wasn’t allowed to work, and was forbidden to have friends and even my family. He beat me, terrorized me,
and threatened me daily. I never thought I would get away and he made me think that I was not worthy of anyone ever caring about me. I finally had enough and decided I had to get away before he started hurting my children. That day he locked up my girls in their room, threw me to the floor, beat me bloody, and strangled me to unconsciousness. I fought with everything in me and was able to get away with my girls. I also found out much later, that he had abused my girls without my knowledge. I had to go through so much therapy with my girls and myself, go through a horrendous court trial, but got him put into prison for 12 years for all he did to us. This man broke me to nothing. I had no idea who I was anymore and had to start fresh and work through all he had taken from me. I worked hard and put myself through nursing school and did everything for my precious girls. I had gone through several relationships and kept finding the
jerks who only treated me like dirt. Eventually, I found the most amazing man who showed me the most kindness I had ever known. He lifted me up and stepped in to be a dad to my girls that they truly deserved. It has taken me a long time to understand my worth and to feel comfortable trusting again.
This tribe has shown me so much love and helped me see that I am not alone. This clothing line speaks for how I feel, who I am, and what I know I can be. I used to be afraid of the storm and let it devour me…now I know that I am stronger than the storm and I rise above it! I absolutely love Beautiful Disaster and I have several of the collections, but I think my favorite is the warrior collection because I feel I am a warrior, and I am so proud of myself. THANK YOU for all that you

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January 27, 2023