What makes me a Beautiful Disaster? Well, the fact that I’m resilient - a hot mess, but I never stay down long - I can have a trail of fire and say, "I'm fine, I got this because i always get back up stronger". 

I identify with Beautiful Disaster because of the tag lines mostly - they are all true for me, a montra so to speak, and help remind me that it's never too late, be a free spirit, throw me to the wolves and I'll come back leading the pack, what doesn't kill you makes me stronger, hating me wont make you pretty, you don't know my story. Basically these things are said daily, but your style and execution is what has my heart.

Life has been a struggle - I am stubborn and like to do things my way. I had my daughter at 19 and that was how it all started. Everything from then out was for her. I used to pin and print Marilyn Monroe quotes to keep my head high after my son turned 3. I hit the floor hard - separating my whole life - my job and home were gone. I picked up my kids, packed my necessary bag, and left an 11 year relationship. It was bad, verbal, physical, destructive, drunk, drugs, no self love kind of relationship and I had nothing left to give. I was grasping at waking up only for my kids.

It's gonna sound silly, but there was a program that came on - it was Joyce Meyers - basically the message was to get up, no ones coming for you, you must save yourself  It was after working my two jobs, one which was a graveyard so home by 3am. I crashed my car into a side barrier, pulled out of it, but my car was messed up - I deserved better. I owe that to my kids and myself, first and foremost. I will never trust or give what I don't deserve back - no use and abuse - I'm freaking amazing and my kids deserve all the beauty the world has to offer. I will always share my trials and my failures.

I have rebuilt my life and still have struggles, but nothing like before. My daughter is now 20, my son now 15, and after I married I had two more boys, 8 and 2. We have a home and I got a new car. I finally paid off some debts from the previous mess --- I'm still a disaster having two ADHD boys, but I love them to death and all there twerks.

What is my favorite item from Beautiful Disaster? Oh my Gosh - The whole Best Life Collection right now, it's like right up my rainbow unicorn mermaid vibes.

Everything that has come my way has shaped me into the amazing women I know I am. I'm an empath, but I have thicker skin now and I still go above and beyond for others, but I stand by ground. I know what I have to offer now and what better way than to look fabulous and show off my battle scars so to speak.

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February 11, 2022