I came across this brand when I saw the "Hate Me Won't Make You Pretty" Sweatshirt. I immediately fell in love and just had to have it right then and there. The phrase itself was beyond relatable for me in many different ways. 
I was the abused.
I was the bullied.
I was the suicidal.
I became the bully.
Just to take a step back and realized my wrong doings for the big step forward.
The inspiration:
Growing up I traveled quite a bit due to parents being in the Navy. (Yes Navy brat here.) My stepfather at the time was not only emotionally abusive, but physical and sexual as well. Only a small handful of family members believed me. However, thanks to turning him in I lost connections with selected family members as well. I became depressed and suicidal. I remember slicing my body in areas that no one would ever see just to feel a little more human and the pain that comes with it. On the outside I was pretty social. Always had that pretty smile on my face. Extremely hyperactive and friendly.
My junior high years I would always be bullied in some form of fashion. Whether it was about my weight or my height. I'm the only white girl on the basketball team. My hair was too short. My legs were too hairy. (Mom wouldn't let me shave yet) You name someone always has to say something which made me build a mental barrier. February of 2008 I turned my step dad in. (I was thirteen) between being bullied at school and what he put me through at home I was done. Went to my school counselor and ended up going to rehab for the suicidal tendencies, depression, and sexual assault and physical abuse while my mom was handling the court.
That summer, we moved to Florida. I went to the same high school for the whole four years. Made wonderful friends who I am still friends with now to this day. Like every high school we started a clique. We were pretty friendly to everyone, let anyone come join in but there was this one girl. We didn't do any harm to her but we would make fun of her so much behind her back. After awhile she caught wind and just like me she built a shell around herself. I think it took me about two weeks to have the courage and go to her house. On my own. I was the main person who was making fun of her so it was my obligation to do what needed to be done. I apologized not only to her but to her own mother as well.
With everything I've been through why the hell would I make someone else go through that?! This happened when I was seventeen. I took the girl under my wing from then on. Not once have I made fun of someone else since then. Several years passed and she had her wedding back in 2018. I was her maid of honor. Now I'm at the point in my life where I am still learning and growing with myself. I have three children, I am happily married, with two fur babies.
I am an up and coming blogger for TheUnheardMind which is a blog for the broken, the beaten and the damned. I also sell CBD oil and making great progress so far. And just to get out of the house I work at Papa Johns. (I like the discount pizza and my coworkers are my family.) I try to inspire others to lift up one another. I strive to be the best mom, wife and friend anyone would dare to dream of. I love your brand and everything it stands for because it is everything I stand for. 

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February 10, 2021