Hey BD Tribe!

I identified with the Beautiful Disaster brand and Tribe of woman for many many reasons, but my latest triumph I would have to say really showed me being stripped to the bone and then I had to regenerate everything. I have Stage 4 degenerative disc disease. My now ex husband of 8 years left me with no home, no money, two kids, and a sports car. All while needing yet another back surgery. I looked at things, found my inner tiger and said “NO” I'm gonna came back a Beast. Now I’m going on my 10th back surgery. Yes, I’m disabled, but you can be and still bean inspiration. I’m still walking and using my arms. I have my own business. How do you think I got my daughter in college? Since COVID the hyena’s feel they can claim my second however mama is coming for her cub.

I found the brand though social media. I believe because I love skulls and at the time I was going through my divorce and back surgery. One day I saw your ad pop up on my screen scrolling Facebook I clicked on it and I saw Christina's story. After that, I looked at the product and I was hooked. I can’t choose a favorite, but the Phoenix made me realize a monumental moment in my life. I had just turned 40, I was now starting my life all over again I was divorced, no home, no car, no money, disabled, having my 7th back surgery, but I am that beast that knows you have to keep going! 

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October 27, 2022