I've been a BD FAN for about 3 years now. By fan, I mean probably putting us in debt, lol.
My story is that of a BD fan. Since I was born, my life has been a challenge. 
I was born on Feb 12, 1976. 
My Mother was addicted to Meth. I also was born addicted. I had my first surgery at nine months old because they found I had no hearing. My challenges continued forward from that moment on. My Mother made it no secret that I was the biggest mistake of her life. While she was stuck with me, she decided to make the Best of it. My Mother was a Coyote runner from Mexico & would bring illegals across the border along with drugs. When she didn't have the money to pay for her medications, I was that payment. At the time, I was a pretty little blonde hair blue eyed girl. So the men loved me. She began teaching me proper techniques to ensure the men would be satisfied. Over the years the sexual abuse turned in to physical, and verbal. I began to have an eating disorder to gain weight, and look as ugly as possible, so she couldn't use me. Which worked, but instead she abandoned me and my little brother. I had woken up one day and our mother was gone. My little brother's father came and took him and left me alone in our home. CPS came and took me and put me into a foster home. One year later my mother returned went into rehab and was able to gain custody of me again. At this time I was 14, pretty angry and basically couldn’t stand my mother. She had a complete and total different attitude now. She was a woman who had never used drugs, never abused her child, and was a perfect citizen. My anger towards her only grew stronger and stronger. I legitimately cannot stand the sight of her. She met a man who was only seven years older than me, married him after only four months and I basically was just there. Instead of being sexually and physically abused, I was just completely ignored. I honestly don’t know which one was worse. At 16 I ran away from home and at 17 I became pregnant with my first daughter. That’s when my entire life changed. I knew at that exact moment that I wanted to be nothing like my mother. I gave birth to my daughter moved to Washington state with the father of my child got my GED. Began taking college classes for accounting unfortunately things did not work out between my daughters father and I. I ended up moving back to California when our daughter was one years old. I moved into a motel, was working the night shift at Norms restaurant as a server and going to college during the day. I ended up getting a degree in accounting and working At a Dairy company as Accounts Receivable. I was doing well, I had a nice two bedroom apartment, a new car, a daughter that I adored, and was doing great for myself. Yes, I was single, but I was happy and I was a great mother. When my daughter was 11 years old I began having terrible headaches and was diagnosed with migraines, they gave me medication but it didn’t help. By the time she was 13 they just got worse and we found out that I had 2 brain tumors while they were not cancer they did need to be removed. During this time I met an amazing man got married and had nine brain surgeries one neck surgery and two back surgeries. My husband is in law-enforcement. My daughter graduated high school and went into the US Army. Him and I had a child together and she is now 10 years old. I struggle daily to still feel human because of all my health issues, but I’m doing it. My mother has since passed away and we were never able to mend our relationship, but she made me the woman I am today. 
Thank you for reading the short version of my life. 

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October 27, 2022