I am 49 disabled Veteran, who moved from Utah to a very rural town, in Oregon, to live my homesteading dream, with my 2 amazing pioneering daughters.
I was blessed to purchase a foreclosure in 2019 and it unfortunately came with a lot of problems. Mainly malicious neighbors, who wanted my land and resources off my land. Their blind hatred and greed has hit extreme levels, to do anything and everything to run me off my land, including taking my home.
I was stripped of my pride, ego and reputation. It triggered memories, of the blind hated, I endured reporting to a male ship, when females did not belong. To be hated, just for existing.
Losing who I once was and everything I held dear. Let me focus on my own thoughts and actions. Including my health. Mentally, physically and spiritual. I quit drinking and focused on my diet. I have successfully lost 123 pounds.
I finally surrendered to the universe and humbling being guided to share my story. Since it's still a fight for me daily. Especially still being under duress here.
I hope I inspire you to continue. 
To live your dream!
To fight your fight! 
To become more!   
You are loved and valued!
You have worth!

I was introduced to the Beautiful Disaster clothing line, by my dear friend Amber, who went through aggressive cancer. She gifted me the shirt " Be Proud" for my military service.

I've enjoyed "I'll shed this skin" realizing I lost more than weight the past few years. Shedding scares of childhood and Military trauma, one layer at a time.

I've recently married 01 Oct 22 to the man of my dreams!  I'm living my "Authentic happily ever after"

Despite still enduring extreme oppression and hatred from neighbor(s).


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October 20, 2022