Hello to all my warrior sisters out there! First and foremost, I want you to never give up! If I can survive all my life's trials and tribulations, I hope by sharing my story, I can give at least 1 woman out there some hope.

      In 2013, my son who was 3 (along with my Mom who is now in HEAVEN) found my Dad dead from a heart attack in our living room. I was incarcerated at the time, and never felt so helpless... Fast forward 5 years, my mom had gotten sick and within months, I had to take my son to say goodbye to her before she took her last breath at the hospital. You see, ever since they found my dad unresponsive, they became inseparable...now we had to say goodbye- she was both of our best friends... My brave soldier held my mamas hand and said "IT'S OK, YOU CAN GO NOW, MY MOM HAS ME." I fell to my knees in that hospital room, not knowing how to go on.
   A few months later, I hit rock bottom. We lost our house, my job, my car broke down...drugs and alcohol had consumed my broken heart. A year later Child Protective Services took my son. After years of mental and physical abuse, several sexual assaults, and diminished self worth, I felt I had nothing to live for anymore. I wasn't suicidal, but had no desire to go on without my son. My only sibling had completely given up on me because of my addictions and I had no other family. I was sleeping in the bushes and eating at free meal sites...
     Out of the blue, one day on Facebook, our old neighbor from when my dad and our family lived together (neighbor to where he died), reached out and asked for my help. 
     She is a fellow warrior, knew of my story and loved me when I didn't know how to love myself. She eventually took me to inpatient dual-diagnosis treatment in Puyallup Washington, picked me up from treatment, gave me a safe place to live until I got housing and helped me with transportation to make all my appointments for my mental health, doctors, treatment, work, and getting my life back in order...
     It took 18 months to get my son back, but I did it. I graduated drug and alcohol treatment and after care. I attended mental health services until released from their care to my family doctor. I got housing, and attended a class and those were the qualifications to regain full custody of my son..
      I have been clean and sober for over 4 years, thanks to my friend that I call my angel. I just learned I have heart problems, but I wont let that bring me down. I have a tribe who supports me now! My angel is also my friend who took me to treatment and was there thru all this...she too has been thru addiction, and is a survivor!!!
       Beautiful Disaster, when I wear your leggings and tanks to work...I wear them proud...It shows there is beauty, there is life after darkness, and there is hope. I once was lost, but now I'm found. I am a wolf with a pack of boundless women behind me, next to me, beside me....proving that IF you NEVER let your fear be bigger than your FAITH....you too can shine on.
P.s. this photo is my sister who has reclaimed me after I got clean and sober...I'm wearing a BD shirt!!

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August 04, 2022