I am a Beautiful Disaster. My whole life I have fought my way out of violence like a badass renegade warrioress. I identify with the brand because it honors the struggle so many of us live every day. I grew up abused in a violent immigrant family and never learned to nurture myself or love myself for my beauty and strengths. This created a desire to please and a lack of awareness of my own worth. I got into relationships that reaffirmed this lack of value, culminating in a violent abusive marriage I had to escape. I was beaten and emotionally devastated by the abuse and the abuse of my children, and have struggled to see my strength and value since escaping.  I got out and protected my children and should be very proud of how far I have come.  I am currently on a mission of self love and affirmation. I want to see myself and treat myself like the warrior goddess I am. Finding Beautiful Disaster is a part of my path in recovery. I lead my children and mentor young women who are overcoming violence and am taking steps to appreciate the strength I have gained through my life experiences. I want to let go of my pain and shame and guilt and see that it is not my fault abuse has followed me my entire life. I deserve the world and I am going to get it. I’m tired of being silent and small. I will be loud and vibrant and fabulous. Goddesses don’t apologize for the path they took to become themselves. My favorite lines are the "What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger” and the "Throw Me To The Wolves" line. I love all the designs!

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May 20, 2022