My story is about how I overcame abuse, both physical and mental, and battling addiction, depression, and anxiety. So, to start off, I met my baby daddy when I was a teenager. Young and dumb, I thought he was the best thing on the planet - BOY WAS I WRONG!! We were together for 15 years, had 2 healthy and handsome sons, that were my world. Within the 15 years, he cheated on a daily basis, was an alcoholic and drug user, and he is the one that got me started. I know it was my choice, but he didn't really like it if I said no. He played the blame game where everything was my fault and if anything pissed him off I was the scapegoat, meaning if he lost something it was my fault. I had to be punished both verbally and physically. When my second son was 3 years old is when I had enough. My ex came home drunk and high fighting with his dad, and my son was caught in the middle - that was the breaking point! Well, to make a long story short, since I was basically homeless with 2 small boys, no job, no nothing, I lost custody of my boys to him. That's when I spiraled out of control! My depression was at its worst and I didn't have anything to live for so I thought,....but just when I tried to end it all, I heard someone say....."it's not your time".....mind you I was completely alone! Fast forward to a couple years later, I've fought for years in the courts until I had no more fight left. Please don't judge me for saying that - I know what you're thinking, "that's your kids how do you give up?". It's so hard to explain 😪 I couldn't financially afford the fight. He had money to buy his way outta anything! Anyways my addiction was so bad to the point I was afraid I was going to OD. That's when I got help and I was so proud of myself, but in this messed up town you're looked down upon whether you're in active addiction or in treatment, so I had to keep my accomplishments to myself. Now on April 29th, I will be 5 years clean and sober. When I found the Beautiful Disaster brand I was so excited! Finally something 🙌 someone standing up and shouting out for us underdogs! I have several pieces from several collections and I wear them proudly almost everyday - they are my badge of honor. Your company means so much to me because I feel proud when I wear my BD and I know how far I've come, from scrapping the bottom of the barrel to working full time sober as a judge. I wear my BD with my head held high! I am perfectly imperfect!! So thank you for all you do for us "misfits" also thank you for listening to me. 

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July 20, 2022