I have been through so much bad in my life. In my first marriage, I was raped by my husband while I was asleep. After finding the courage to leave him with my 2 young children, I started to get myself back together. I, then, ended up in a relationship which was so much worse than being raped. I was beaten, strangled and had a gun held to my head. He threatened that if I ever left him or told my family he would kill them and then me. I finally got out of that bad relationship after 6 years. My friend from high school helped me get through that. We eventually ended up dating and got married 2 years later. In this marriage, I was not physically abused, but verbally abused. If I would tell him my feelings, I was told I was bipolar and needed help. After this marriage ended, I did a lot of damage control on my self esteem. All of these things that happened in my life is what has made me a Beautiful Disaster. I now have trust issues and it is hard for me to completely open up to anyone. I can identify with the brand because a lot of the saying are true to my life.  I do not live in my past anymore, I am a new me. My best friend and my current boyfriend are the ones who have helped me to see how beautiful I am and that I am not a disaster, I am a work in progress. I also helped turn my life around for my kids as they need a tough strong mom who is there for them. My favorite piece of the Beautiful Disaster brand would have to be the new Scripty line, as I don't want people to judge me for my past, but to use it to understand why I am the Beautiful Disaster that I am today, strong and confident. I love this brand as I feel empowered and confident when I wear it.

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July 20, 2022