I'm a Beautiful Disaster because my life started out not so easy. My grandma raised me until she got ill and then I started taking care of her. I was molested by my grandfather. I told no one until my grandmother died and then I got shipped to my dads. My dad hated me. I graduated from high school and moved back from Indiana, to Ohio, to Liverpool to live with my mother who I didn't really know. I got married to an alcoholic and had 2 girls. I have been by myself and I knew since then I wanted better for them than when I had ever had and I knew staying with their father was not that. So I got a divorce I ended up moving back in with my mother which was just funny it's funny cause it's not where I wanted to be for a very short time. I moved back out, got my own place and started working. Found out that I was okay to be by myself and raise my kids and that everything was gonna be OK. I knew that I was doing an OK job and was making friends that I'd never had before because I had very low self esteem from growing up and from an alcoholic husband who told me that I was worthless and was never going to be anything ever. I then met a man who told me that I was beautiful and showed me love. I married him and I was married for 28 yrs till he started cheating on me with his 1st wife when I went to bed, I got up on our anniversary and I left him. Since then, I have been by myself. I bought an apartment building at work. My kids are grown now with kids of their own, so I'm a grandma! I have 3 beautiful grandkids 16,10 and 7. In my wildest dreams, I never thought that I could be OK, but I am I'm OK and I'm OK by myself. I'm more self assured. I'm more reliant on myself. I know I'm not perfect by any means and I know I'm a Beautiful Disaster all the time. Nobody knows my story and nobody can walk in my shoes, but me and I wouldn't ask anybody too. Just because somebody wears the same size shoe as I do doesn't mean my shoes will still fit them if that makes sense. Thanks for reading my story!

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January 06, 2023