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Meet Regan: “I Am A Beautiful Disaster, and I rock that shit perfectly”.

Posted on 13 March 2018

Im convinced, a beautiful disaster is an art! In fact it’s a fine art and a one of a kind creation. Only the unique, chosen, confident, honest and rebels can say proudly, “I Am A Beautiful Disaster, and I rock that shit perfectly”. I thank God daily for this gift, the gift of loving being perfectly imperfect. Rocking honesty and transparency on my sleeve! The tragic news is, it took 33 years for this to happen. For 20+ years I conformed to the world and lived half the time for the world and its approval and the other half rebelling from it! I was a walking contradiction which created a ton of pain and lead me to the bottle and massive amounts of cocaine!

But I had to show the world that I wasn’t a beautiful disaster because I believed it was not ok.

Two failed marriages, almost losing my children, multiple DUI’S and homeless. Through hell and back I found and began a new scary and unknown life in sobriety!!! A 12 year journey in sobriety, relapses and more recovery I discovered what I was actually recovering from!!! Throughout 2015 I realized drugs and alcohol were not really my problem. My problem was that I forced myself to become what the WORLD wanted me to be.

My ideas of self worth and success were based upon what others thought it to be and I was living a life forcing myself to achieve those ideals that actually went against the grain of my being!!! I had been lying to myself my whole entire life, as well as the world. No wonder I was so miserable and drinking and drugging my life away! I couldn’t just be me!! And what Regan Renfro truly is, is a fucking magical beautiful disaster sprinkled with some organized chaos. And damn it I’m proud to be just that!

The Oxford Dictionary:

Beautiful is derived from the word Beauty.

Beauty Means;

  • A combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.
  • Area of outstanding natural beauty.
  • A combination of qualities that pleases the intellect.
  • An excellent example of something.
  • The best aspect or advantage of something.
    • Good.
    • Excellent. (used as a general term of approval).

    Beautiful Means;

  • 1: Pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.
  • 2: Of a very high standard.
  • 3: Excellent.


  • ill-starred event.
    • Obsolete, occult : an unfavorable aspect of a planet or star.
    • A sudden calamitous event bringing great damage, loss, or destruction.
    • Natural disasters.
    • Broadly.
    • Sudden or great misfortune.
    • Failure or death.

    What this tells me and reaffirms for me and might be for you is simply this.

  • I EXPERIENCED A SPIRITUAL DEATH. (THE LOSS OR PROCESS OF DULLING OUT MY STAR LIGHT FOR THE APPROVAL OF THE WORLD) it created an event bringing damage, loss, natural disaster, a great misfortune and an unfavorable aspect to my star! (My Life).
  • FROM DAY ONE I WAS ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL! I sought my approval from the ones who didn’t know better. People.
  • It wasn’t until my internal and external collapse and despair, was my true beauty able to combust and shine like it had never shone before!

  • Today I am able to radiate my beauty in a way that was God's intentions. Through my addiction, trials and tribulations,  I know who I am! And that my friend is truly a gift. I’m able to walk about this world free and with purpose. A life in Recovery more precious than any life before. Now there are times when I probably need a Zoo Keeper! It can be as hard as hell and far from perfect. But I knowing everything I fight against or even have is from my walk of life in sobriety because of Him.

    I’m a proud mother of two gifts from God that I love like no other love. I able to experience with my babies love and grace towards the world but more importantly toward ourselves. The life I have developed through experience and a combination of qualities both good and bad, allow me to share my stories and beliefs to show others precisely how they too can recover.

    My biggest gifts and aspects of my life in hindsight have been my destructions, struggles and falling. In hopes of showing others the solution that I’d found to recover from alcoholism and drug addiction. Learning to live happy, joyous and free.

    God has graced me again with 2 ½ years of sobriety and recovery from alcohol abuse, drug abuse and codependency. My experience shows me more will be revealed. Through the love, support, patience and grace of my family, besties and believers, together we all have created another star.

    Who knew a broken women fleeing from the world with two babies strapped to her back, with only the clothes on her back and not one dollar to her name, could come back to life, to find who she was and build side by side a business with ones that loved her when she could not love herself. Pushing me, leading me by patience and grace. The Recovery Ninjas exemplifies the very nature of we. Together we are dedicated to helping any and all looking for recovery services for alcohol and or substance abuse.

    The Recovery Ninjas has become Nationwide Online Support Resource for any seeking help for alcohol and or substance abuse through recovery services. Interventions, Sober Transportation, Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment, Family Support and Therapy, Counseling and Support Groups. The Recovery Ninjas are here to get you the catered help and create Recovery Solution Services specific to what individuals need and deserve. We will help when all Hope feels lost. My Beautiful Disaster will radiate a supernova kinda bright ass light upon this world where others can not help but to see! A guarantee though, everyone will remember.


    Stars Are Born: within the clouds of dust scattered throughout most galaxies. Turbulence deep within these clouds, it develops risen knots with sufficient mass that the gas and dust can begin to collapse under its own gravitational attraction. As the cloud collapses, the center begins to heat up. The hot core at the heart of this collapsing cloud will one day Create A Star.

    I Regan Renfro are truly honored and humbled to be asked to share my light to the world! Thank you Beautiful Disaster Clothing Line, Chris Stewart and Taylor Sharpe. You too are my hero’s together on this journey!


    Regan Renfro

    Owner of The Recovery Ninjas


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