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Amber's Story: My Mom Hoped I Was a Miscarriage.

Posted on 29 March 2018

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  • Pamela : April 13, 2019

    I am a mom of two Handsome men… A Amazing Husband since we were 18 yrs old!!! Been so blessed in my life… one day our perfect world changed in a heartbeat Drugs to our world and took us on a unforgettable journey of life of jail prisons rehabs… I won’t say who in my family had this struggle, only to find out I was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma Fu**en Cancer was given the term Terminal!!! during this very dark time not only did we have to deal with life or death diagnosis but a truly deadly disease of Meth heroine etc. you name it… that would kill my child on the streets the devil had him so down he couldn’t see the light!! Today I am alive after many obstacles & scars my Son found HIS Own way out of the darkness and has a beautiful daughter thriving as a great father clean and sober for the last 8 yrs! As for my self I would not wish on any of theses two dieses on my worst enemy! Life is truly amazing and to say I am a beautiful disaster is spot on lessons learned no one can tell… your story ! I’m imperfectly perfect with this life I have there is Always hope… light… love . don’t judge anyone unless you’ve lived their life… everyone has a story ❣️

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