There are Beautiful Disaster’s everywhere – even in Lab Coats. Everyone meet Loren.

My name is Loren (pronounced Lor – N ).  Growing up with a name such as Loren was annoying when I was younger but now that I am 31 I find it funny to hear the different pronunciations people come up with! Oh yes and my last name is Gorgol haha.

My story….  I am a beautiful disaster because I have a mouth like a trucker and a dirty sense of humor, a full tattoo sleeve, piercings, I love bmx and the color black.  At the same time I have a Master’s degree from Drexel University in Clinical Research Management and I work in a Neurotrauma/Neurosurgery department in a hospital.  Day in and day out I work with very sick patients who have traumatic brain injuries, seizures disorders and worst of all patients suffering and dying of brain cancer.

Most of the time when you look at someone you judge them.  You judge their looks, personality, clothing and in general what kind of person they may be.  I am a beautiful disaster because when at work I am sure people would never judge me or expect me to be a girl covered in tattoos with a potty mouth, a dirty sense of humor and who loves bmx…they see the a young and proper “professional” who wears a lab coat. On the other hand when I meet new people outside of work when I have my tank top on and tattoos hanging out and I’m telling the guy in the car next to me to fuck off because he just pulled out in front of me they usually don’t believe me when I tell them what I do for a living and that I have an advanced degree.

Because of my job I appreciate life more than most people.  I get a reality check day in and day out from the patients I see.  I am compassionate and quite sensitive.  There are times I go home and cry my eyes out because of what I see and then the rest of the time it is a dose of reality….a reality check that helps me appreciate life, to always be true to myself no matter what anyone else thinks and to live life to the fullest.  And if someone doesn’t like something about me well they can go F*ck themselves sideways!

Thanks for reading my story


Original Submission: 3/3/15

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March 03, 2015