I am so excited to share our first Handsome Devil story! Chris was inspired by what the Beautiful Disaster Blog stands for and sent in his story. I was so impressed by his honesty and I am sure you will be too.  Everyone…..Meet Chris.

I grew up as a missionary kid & had religion shoved down my throat from an early age. But what changed my life the 1st time was seeing KISS pictures on my friends older brothers wall when I was 6! I knew then what I wanted to be! I was always known as my mothers “Lil Devil” because I was just that! I had one hand with a cookie in it & one hand with a wooden spoon beating on things like a drummer boy! Then it was usually used on my backside for the same thing!

But my journey really started when I was 15,  I had a talk with my dad about my plans for life – they didn’t fit into the family’s so I packed up my skateboard, bass guitar & a backpack and moved to Hollywood from Portland OR.

Little did I know what that would cause my life to become all I know is I had rock ‘n’ roll dreams & wanted to be a Handsome Prince. I played my heart out for 15 years but eventually the lifestyle caught up with me & I ended up homeless on Hollywood Boulevard at age 30 after my -then wife- kicked me out for the final time.

I spent the next year living on the streets addicted to heroin & alcohol sleeping in bushes & eating peoples thrown out food picking up cigarette butts off the ground & turning tricks to keep up my habit.

It was so humiliating & degrading but  — I didnt know how to ask for help & I blamed everyone else for my failures. Finally I called my sister who agreed to help me & it saved my life.  It still took almost 9 years to get completely clean & sober but I did it & am a changed man today! I help other addicts get & stay sober & manage a sober living house which is a great way for me to help out younger men to change their lives and not leave behind the women & kids they hurt but instead become respectful men and treat people as such. I LOVE Handsome devil clothing because it lets me express the very essence of who I am & want to be a handsome prince with the devils rock n roll inside of me.

You are a true inspiration to me & I look forward to buying & wearing more of your AMAZING gear!! Thanks for listening & ROCK ON!!

-The Handsome Devil in San Diego Chris Stewart

Chris shared that he “Tell’s everyone he knows to order Handsome Devil and tells his female friends to get Beautiful Disaster as well!! ” And that is exactly the kind of advertising we love to hear about. Real People, Identifying with what we have created for Real reasons!

Original Submission: 3/10/2015

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March 10, 2015