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Meet Kimberli: A Beautiful Disaster with a Shitty Story (pun intended).

Posted on 24 February 2015

Everyone meet Kimberli – When I read her story I was amazed – after what she went through she still has the attitude of a BOSS! A true example that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!

Let’s welcome Kimberli to our tribe:


A little over 2 years ago my world was flipped upside down! I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis! Its a nasty auto immune disease. Doctors tried to save what was left of my colon with meds!

Yes, you heard me right “colon!” So sexy right?

A single 32 year old female talking about her ass is so appealing I know! Well I got used to it as the meds failed me causing me horrific side effects! Seizures, hair loss, vision loss, muscle swelling, I used a walker for 6 months!!!!

Finally after numerous blood transfusions, iron infusions, colonoscopies and so many other procedures I decided to see a surgeon! It was the best decision of my life! I was at a 85% risk of colon cancer it was so rotted! So we tore that sucker out!

I now have no colon/ large intestine, no appendix, rectum, rectal cuff or rectal stump!

Complications also led to a partial hysterectomy and my uterus had to go as well! I sometimes joke and say my future husband will have to be cool with my ass being off limits but in all seriousness I’m thankful to be alive!

I also am excited to help give kids a home in the future who don’t have one not not being able to conceive on my own! I know my situation could be looked at as a huge downer and set back… Trust me I lost everything through this (my place of living, my car, furniture, etc.) But what I gained is so much more!

This journey was truly a disaster but the beauty I drew from it is irreplaceable. I am humbled beyond comprehension by the love I received. I’m still recovering and working hard to make my way back to what I used to be… And even then some! I have a long way to go but am in good spirits and always rocking a smile!

A girlfriend of mine bought me a beautiful disaster sweatshirt while fighting through my surgeries! I swear I live in it!!! Its so cozy and so soft!!! I love the Beautiful Disaster brand and what you stand for! I’m not covered in tats and don’t have piercings, etc. But I’m definitely a disaster who has found true beauty in just that! I support BD and appreciate what you do!


Kimberli West

If you want to check out Kimberli’s whole story she has a blog-

Original Submission: 2/24/15

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