Where do I begin? I was a 10 year old little girl who found her father who had committed suicide. My mom stayed a single mom raising two young daughters. I lost a boyfriend in high school in a car crash, he was supposed to be my future. I was 16 years old Fast forward, I got married my first time at 20 years old and had a son with him. We divorced when my son was 4 years old. I met my twins father and we were together for a total of 10 years. We divorced after being married for only a year and a half.  His choice not mine. I became a single mom who worked her way up in management to support my kids. My oldest was 13 and the twins were 8 when I became a single mom for many years. I was living with a boyfriend from 2013 to 2016 when he committed suicide in my garage, the same way my father did and, yes, I found him too. This spiraled me into a deep depression. It took me a year to snap out of it. I started to take my life back . I lost 100lbs and met a guy who stole my heart, but we were like oil and water those last 2 years. I finally found a guy who treats me the best and his family loves me and my kids. I found my best friend, my lover, my everything.  But, not without one more struggle in my life that is still fresh and hard for me. My mother passed away last year December 20, 2020 from Covid . Yes, I’m still struggling with the loss of my mom. So, when I look back on my life I see so many struggles, but each one of these struggles have made me strong and not broken me. When I found this website on Facebook, I found women who also have had struggles, but I also see a sisterhood, a bond that helps us grow stronger!! Plus, I love the clothes! They tell stories for everyone. I love everything about this brand and what it stands for!! Sisterhood Strong!!! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!! Life may have bent me, but never broke me.

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June 10, 2022