What makes me a Beautiful Disaster? Well everything! At times, like everybody, I can be a hot mess and put together at the same time. I have been through more in life than anyone should have to go though! I suffer from ADHD, PTSD, OCD, severe Anxiety and I’m Bipolar. On top of all that, I’m a Empath. I never chose to be a drug addict, but I was at one time! 
As a child I grew up in an environment of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse. Throughout my adulthood, my marriages and relationships, I still went through it! I had enough, so I took a stand and a vow that I wouldn’t live my life like that anymore!! I had to set a positive example for my 5 amazing children and my grandson! I let all the NEGATIVITY go in my life and focusing on only the POSITIVE! 
I never went to rehab, like I wanted to go many times, but I couldn’t leave my children! So, 7 years ago I started to work on me! I’m currently 1 year and 3 months clean and off my Mental Health Medication. I just turn to MUSIC as my MEDICINE! I want to be a voice for you - if you ever have a doubt, or loose HOPE! If I can do it so can you!! If I can walk through Hell for as long as I did and keep coming back STRONGER than before, so can you! Life been a crazy roller coaster ride for me, but I learned how to manage my life without any Drugs or Mental Health Medication. I’m finally LIVING MY BEST LIFE!! If I had to choose only one collection it would be Defiant and Best Life! But, I can relate to every single collection!! I support Beautiful Disaster because they empower and give hope to people that may feel alone! 

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June 10, 2022