Hi, my name is Christine and I'm 35 years old and a mom. I feel I am a Beautiful Disaster because I have been knocked down, kicked, beaten, spit at, mentally broken down: and yet; my story continues!!  I identify with the Beautiful Disaster brand because, for the first time in my life, there is a brand that's for the perfectly imperfect just like me, and it's a brand to help empower and uplift and encourage people like me to keep going/fighting because my/our story isn't over yet!! My life has been super hard. I have battled and currently battling with self harm, low self esteem, mental issues, loneliness (no friends), can't keep a boyfriend (fear of rejection/rather hide than be seen). I've turned my life around by going to support groups, and reaching out when I need to, taking the time to do self care helps a lot, and I've started the process to change my scars into a work of art (BEAUTIFUL DISASTER). My life now is maintaining a healthy schedule: going to support groups, reaching out, sharing my story and taking time to devote self care is the top of my list. Maintaining a more positive outlook on life/things. To be a positive role model to other like me. I absolutely love all the items from Beautiful Disaster, but if I had to choose, I would say: "Hating Me Won't Make You Pretty" is my favorite & "What Doesn't Kill Me, Makes Me Stronger" is a very close second favorite. Also, I love the "wolf pack" one too.. --- I have ordered my very first BEAUTIFUL DISASTER hoodie: "What Doesn't Kill Me, Makes Me Stronger". I can't wait to get it, so I can proudly wear it every where and hopefully it will help others when they see/read it. 😁  Thank you for letting me share my story.

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June 10, 2022