My names Libby. I’m 35 years old and a mama of many, but biologically a mama of two! My girls and I haven’t had an easy road, but it’s been a heartbreakingly Beautiful Disaster to say the least. Things changed for us forever on two different occasions in the last 3 years. February 2019 and January 2020. Both of my girls fathers passed away. Their sudden passing and how tragically they left us took all life from me. As time goes on you have two choices. You can either surrender to your tragedy or you can choose to find that BD strength deep within (everyone has it) and keep going! I thrive off of speaking up and loudly about grief and loss and depression and suicide because if I can make one less person beat all of that, than everything I have been through and who I’ve lost won’t be in vain. The first day (after both of those horrific events) that I found myself belly laughing with my girls and feeling true joy, I knew exactly what being a beautiful disaster was.. There’s still so much life after death, you really don’t start living until you’ve died a little inside..This clothing company is so much more than material and keeps woman like me “going”..
Blessed Be Sisters ❤️ And always “Stay”

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June 17, 2022