I wanted to thank you for your awesome Beautiful Disaster brand!  I have purchased several of your products over the past few years and love each and everyone!
I’ve had so much family loss in my life.  It all started in 2002, losing my Father at only 51 years old to Cancer.  It then seemed to only get worse losing two grandparents a year after.  It seemed like once I caught my breath that another family member would pass.  Then, I lost my favorite Uncle who always made me laugh.  I no sooner buried my Uncle and my little brother who was only 29 years old committed suicide.  My world just crumbled around me, but I had strength from my Mom and we struggled through all of the unanswered questions that surround suicide.  
My Mom and I finally came to terms with the loss of my brother when we were hit with another hurdle as my Mom was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.  They didn’t give her long but we didn’t accept that. She went on to have surgery and chemotherapy and was told she was cancer free for almost 5 years.  Then, the tides turned again when she started having pain in the same area 15 months ago.  They then told her that in fact the Pancreatic Cancer was back and it had attacked her arteries.  They gave her maybe a month without very harsh Chemo treatments and only a few months with the harsh treatments. She chose to have palliative care at home to help the quality of her last days.  She was a true warrior and made it 15 months till she lost her battle on November 9th.  
People always say to me, "you're so strong".  I think that’s why I resonate with your brand so much!  I have three favorites first being the “No Longer Asking Permission “ that I’m wearing in the picture.  I like to think that’s the way I get through life not asking permission to feel hurt or enjoy life despite what I’ve gone through that made me who I am today.  Second would be Angel with the wings because my Mom bought me the tote and said I hope you’ll remember me every time you see the angel wings.  Third would be Hating Me Won’t Make You Pretty because there are a lot of people out there that would rather put you down than praise you for the strong woman you are.
Thank you so much for listening to my story and for continuing your Beautiful Disaster Tribe and allowing me to be a part of it😊!

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June 17, 2022