I am a Beautiful Disaster because I grew up being told I was “damaged goods". I was told this over and over until I was truly broken.
As I started my healing journey I saw an ad for this clothing company and I just knew that I too was a Beautiful Disaster!
I grew up with mental, emotional and physical abuse from my parents. I was adopted and told that I was damaged, otherwise my real parents would have wanted me. I was called fat, worthless, damaged…everything began to be about my weight and when I wouldn’t or actually couldn’t lose weight the verbal abuse got even worse. So when I turned 18, I married a guy I barely knew and on our wedding night, he beat me up and raped me. That abuse continued for almost two years when I realized I had to get away or he was going to kill me.
I tried many times to heal, but the voices of my past kept me from getting anywhere until this past year when I, at the age of 61, was tired of watching life pass me by while I waited to be worthy enough to be in this world. I began a true healing journey to learn how to love myself mind, body and spirit. It’s been hard and amazing but I proudly wear my Beautiful Disaster clothes to show everyone that I’m here, I’m a Beautiful Disaster and damn proud of it.
Now, I have my C-PTSD under control, I feel great, and worthy and enough! I’m thriving instead of just surviving! My favorite BD piece is my tie dye hoodie, it’s pink and purple which are my favorite colors and I wear it all the time! It’s like a big warm hug I give to myself ever time I wear it!


Linda said:

Your story inspires me in the short weeks before my 59th birthday! What do we think we’re waiting for? I’d love to hear more about your journey to thriving.

Tammy said:

It is never to late to begin again. I too have been through some of your hell. I found this group and clothing line about 5 years ago. I turned 56 in October. No matter what we go through we take it one moment, one minute, one hour, repeat. We can look back at those accomplishments and use them as stepping stones for the future.
Way to go Queen! Keep on keeping on!

Angela said:

Happy for you his is good he is our healer loved how far you’ve come I’ve been clean 10 years and I’m thankful to his for being with me through it all and I to love these beautiful pieces from a beautiful disaster godbless

Krissy said:

Way too go Lisa, I’m so very proud of you for having the courage to open up and tell your story. No shame, just self esteem and more self confidence. Love you Lisa.

Phronsie said:

Girl you have certainly been through it!!! You have an inspiring story and you are now a Beautiful Disaster isn’t that wonderful!! I too have been through hell and back now @50 I know deep down in my soul that I am also a BEAUTIFUL DISASTER!! AMEN

Mama T said:

Girl!! You’ve got this!! I’m soooo proud of you💕

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November 03, 2023