I am a Beautiful Disaster because even though I went through all of my teen years and the first 4 years of my 20s thinking I wasn't good enough for anything, I recovered and healed.
Before I even knew about this brand, I got a custom Phoenix on my thigh. A lot of the quotes and phrasing used remind me of things I was told to think of at my lowest times.
From the outside looking in it seems like I had a perfect life. Two parents, a big house to grow up in and opportunities to explore. It was that in some cases, but I got abused mentally and emotionally by my mother. Made to feel less and never living up to what she thought I should be.
As dark as it sounds, I tried to kill myself when I was 20. I couldn't take it anymore, but I had met this amazing guy who despite living an hour away from me came to save me and stop the bleeding. He made me feel like I was worth breathing the air I breathed. I started really looking into therapy and opening those doors to face what trauma I had buried in my past.
2 years after my attempt, that guy and I started dating its the healthiest relationship I've ever been in. 2 years after my attempt I started therapy and last year I got clinically diagnosed with PTSD, depression, and fight or flight anxiety (basically means I constantly want to run). The biggest thing is 7 years after that attempt I started going back to school to finish college and get my degree now that I feel that I am worth the time
My favorite Beautiful Disaster item is the Dream Catcher collection. Stars can't shine without darkness. It feels like a summary of how I got where I am now.


Ariana said:

We all support you on your beautiful life you’ve made for yourself! Much love you got this!

Tammy said:

Way to go little sister! I too went through some of the same as you. I stumbled into sobriety 2 months shy of my 24th birthday and can say that i am still clean and sober 32+ years later BUT didnt change behaviors and attitude until i hit an emotional “bottom” until i was about 15-20 years sober. Its been an uphill climb since but well worth the journey

Mama T said:

Wow! You are a survivor! Be proud my little sister…be proud🥲

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October 26, 2023