I am a Beautiful Disaster because I have a beautiful heart and soul, but I have hard an extremely hard life. I got a perfectly imperfect tattooed, before even knowing about this amazing line! Now I am "voice" of beautiful disaster line way down in Key West!
Life has been impossible from day 1. I, now, embrace my own soul, my positivity and I refuse to be a victim of violence as well as illness. I love myself now, and you guys helped.
I have had extreme epilepsy and brain trauma from age 24.  I will be 47 on November 6th. I died 6 times from grand mal tonic clonic seizures. I had two brain surgeries, resulting in a week long coma.
I have been physically and mentally abused my entire life. Everyday is an extremely hard struggle, a long with developing multiple health issues from insomnia, PTSD, anxiety, etc. As well as thyroid disorder, arthritis of spine, degenerative discs in my neck, but still I strive to be "normal" daily. 
In January, my boyfriend smashed my head open off pavement causing a minor stroke, damage to my ear canals as well as vision (still going to court for that). I raised 3 amazing children, who are now all adults.  I refuse to let my life stop me from trying to work and have a normal life.
I love my struggles, for they have made me who I am today. I am proudly Beautifully Broken and yes, I am Perfectly Imperfect and I love who I am. I know most could never imagine my struggles, past and present, however, I smile 24/7, try to work as much as possible at Paradise Tattoo in Key West. I did bring this clothing line into our store with overwhelming success.
I am a warrior and continue to thrive.
Now, I'm healing, in every way. I value mother nature, and no longer care what anyone thinks. I collect feathers and seashells to make art, dance on beach in the rain and am grateful to still be alive.
It's hard to narrow down what my favorite Beautiful Disaster item is...my perfectly imperfect shirt, hating me leggings, disaster hat and so much more.


Lynn said:

I am still struggling after leaving the most horrific, abusive relationship with an extreme narcissist. I might never fully recover from it, but it’s hearing life stories like yours that keeps me standing and fighting to be strong through this! 💯❤️Thank you for being so strong to share your story! Hugs and much love Lisa💪🌈🌅

Tammy said:

Wow girl you are a true warrior princess! I admire your tenacity. Although I haven’t had the physical illnesses as you I have had the mental and emotional spirals many times. PTSD, Depression and anxiety kept me stuck for years at a time but I would keep getting up put one foot forward and do the next thing. I too have perfectly imperfect on my left arm and beautiful disaster on the other. They described me to a tee when I found this group and clothing. I have many many articles of clothing. Even when I couldn’t really afford it I had to buy pieces. I feel loved and clothed with armor. I love when people ask about my clothes and I get to brag up my BD sisters who were once lost now found.
Much love and appreciation 🥰

Sheila Brower said:

Thank you so much for your story! You are so strong and so positive! I would love to be in key west and who wouldn’t but you are an inspiration it would be great to get those positive vibes from ya!!! If that makes sense! You inspired me to keep looking forward and start loving myself!!!
Thank you again!!!

Patricia said:

thank you so very much for sharing your story with me!

Tina Troudt said:

You are an inspiration to all in this tribe and in the world today. Your positive vibe along with your strength and resilience is amazing. This world is a better place with you in. Thank you for sharing your beauty with us

Christy said:

Thank you for your story!! It’s nice to hear from others that come from extreme adversity and see they are doing well!!! Even on days when it feels like we’re not… remember you are strong AF and beautiful ❤️🤘

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March 01, 2024