I am a Beautiful Disaster because of my past addiction, homelessness, and the life I have lived. My childhood was not always easy!

I've been through a roller coaster of tribulations. I didn't have the greatest childhood. I ran away from home at 12 years old. We were considered poor and moved a lot until I was 7 years old. My parents (dad and stepmom) didn't get along at times, and my dad was angry a lot which made it rough to live at home. I had to grow up quickly due to an abusive home life. Ended up getting into alcohol and was put into treatment at age 13.  I went to live with my mom once I got out of treatment at age 14 but I was in an abusive relationship with a man I thought was my everything. He cheated on me all the time, hit me, and had me thinking it was okay. Finally, at 17 when I became homeless with him, I decided to get away when he went to jail. I was able to escape but I was still homeless so I went off and traveled a bit to Washington. Hitchhiked and took city buses to get around. Then went back to Portland and got into a really bad addiction at age 19. Went through an abundance of bad things over 8 years of that. Just constantly seeking drugs and getting into trouble being arrested and going to jail. I met my husband during that time and if it wasn't for us deciding to get clean together, I would still be homeless and in active addiction. 

My husband and I decided to get out together. We wanted to be together, and if we stayed, we would not be together anymore. He is also a beautiful disaster, my beautiful disaster! We live to tell OUR Beautiful Disaster story! 

Our life now is a blessing. Especially since I found my voice with beautiful disaster! I have a great job and a roof over my head. I have a wonderful husband and we strive together every day! Stronger together, as they say!

Beautiful Disaster speaks to my soul. Gives me the power to be proud of the woman I have become. It lets me know I am not alone and I can be strong and beautiful in my own skin!

My favorite item from BD is "A queen turns her pain into power!" My first sweater I bought from BD. It empowered me! It showed me that even a queen has pain. And my newest piece is the Phoenix yoga pants! Because I too rose from the ashes of my addiction!


Tammy said:

You are inspiring and I admire you. So happy you made it out of addiction! I too was addicted and thank God I didn’t become homeless because I know I wouldn’t have been strong enough to survive. So happy for you and being a part of the BD sisterhood with you is an honor.
Much love and appreciation 🥰

Paula said:

I too can relate with parts of your story. I have been homeless in the Great NW. The winters are very cold here and the only people who seem to want to help are all addicts. Good job on finding a partner who shares with you that same drive to stay clean. That’s a hard one because usually if one goes back out the other will follow. Be safe and keep keep’ n on.

Crystal said:


My story is very similar to yours and I will tell it all one day. Know that you’re not alone in this and that some of our worst times teach is valuable life lessons. Thank you for sharing your BD story!

Sharlean Williamson said:

Congratulations Kenzie, I’m so glad ypu got out of that abusive relationship you had with the so called man of your dreams, I too went through it with my X husband of 24+ years.
And I’m happy that you found the one, upu are meant to be with.

You go girl!!

Aurora said:

Beautiful ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

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February 21, 2024