I was taken from my home at 12 years old and forced into Prostitution. I’ve always been and still am a hard-headed person who doesn’t take well to being told what to do. I was sexually, physically, and emotionally abused during this time in my life. I tried running away a couple of times and never made it too far. The police would pick me up to take me home where I was scared for my family and would run headfirst back into the situation. It wasn’t till the police took me to the juvenile hall that I finally got away from that situation.  While I was there, there was an indictment that put those people away for pimping and pandering to underage girls.

The damage was already done and I rebelled against everything in my life and turned to drugs. My life revolved around using and being in and out of jail. I am 30 years old and have 1 year, 4 months clean. I am in one of the hardest programs there is and am about to graduate with no problems. I was just so tired and wanted better; I turned things around because I didn’t want past traumas to define the rest of my life and keep me in a dark place. I have the first legal job I’ve ever had and couldn’t be more proud of myself.

My story, what I have been through, it all has made me the person I am today.  

I identify with the Beautiful Disaster brand because it is empowering and my story is empowering. I have survived and am now trying to turn all my pain into something good.

Name 3 things you’ve done to move closer to happiness: Staying clean, having a job, and being close to my family. 

What is your favorite Beautiful Disaster collection, past or present, and why? : Presently, it would be either clawed my way out of darkness because that’s exactly what I am doing, or the savage not average because that defines me.  I have a unique situation and have had to be savage to survive, I am not average.


Ariana said:

I can absolutely identify with you love. Being clean is a huge step to loving yourself again, especially in this cruel world. Sometimes we need to deal with thing on our own terms, but I am proud to see you trying to be something more and work on yourself! I love your story you got this!

😎Cindy said:

Ty for sharing your story
I’ve got a little over 2 years clean & it’s nice to hear other woman share their experience, strength & hope.
Congrats on your clean time too!!!

Sheila Brower said:

Congratulations on your clean time!! I have 11yrs of sobriety but one thing is I don’t let my clean time define me or just stay sober and count the days?! It’s all mentally, physically and emotionally and spiritually. I have a similar past and it takes time to heal nobody will ever know how we feel unless they have gone through hell also!! I’m so glad and happy you are doing well, keep taking care of YOU and that’s most important and you have a friend and tons of support so please reach out and stay strong and healthy!!

Krissy major said:

I’m very proud of you. To share your story your personal story with the Beautiful Disaster tribe you found wonderful Beautiful soulful women ❤️ most are kind, has a huge heart they want to give than rather take. But please be careful most are absolutely wonderful and are here to help you out no matter what but there are a few that are here to only take advantage of you at all cost. I couldn’t believe when it happened to me. Just be careful. Thank you for sharing you story with us. ….Krissy VIP Beautiful Disaster.

Geraldine Rinaldi said:

I can relate with some of this story! You’re a strong lady!

Deana said:

Thank you for sharing your story. You are a warrior like me. I’m finally 4 years sober after enduring years of abuse, trauma, and homelessness. It’s always nice to know we’re not alone. Stay strong girl= you rock!

TARINA said:

I am your sister tribe member. I want to say I am so glad you were able to get of such a horrible situation. Now, you can put that in the past looking at such a bright future. Never forget or be embarrassed by your scars. That’s what has made you the Beautiful Disaster you are today!

With love and support.

Your Tribe Sister

Lisa M said:

Kellie, I was really moved by your story. I was physically and emotionally abused most of my life. I am a struggling drug user. I am trying to get clean. I just hope that I succeed. I also suffer from OCD, depression, and anxiety disorder. I am taking medication for most of it. Even the Sublocade needle. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work on my kind of drug use. I have weaned off of the prescribed opioids plus the needle helps with them.
I really hope this lifestyle works out for you and I am still really proud and excited for you. Keep up with your positive progress in your life as you DO deserve it!!!

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February 09, 2024