5 years ago, almost to the day. There it was.  Half its body stuck in my stomach. Felt the anxiety rush up as I pulled the tick out. "It'll be fine, I got the whole tick out". Boy was I wrong. 
     Six months later, I was doing my usual walking the mall on my lunch break, drinking my protein smoothie. When my heart started skipping beats. I convinced myself it was the sugar in the smoothie and anxiety. Heart palpitations started becoming a regular thing. Moments of feeling weak. Made a doctors appointment right away. Was told my iron was low, and prescribed anti-anxiety medication. 
      A month later, I was standing in a morning meeting at work. My heart started racing and I couldn't breathe. I thought I was having a heart attack. I told my boss at the time, she shrugged me off like I was lying. So I left and drove myself to the ER. 8 hours later, my EKG was fine, and was sent home with stronger anti-anxiety and antidepressant medications. I began having dreams of dying, and suicidal thoughts. I stopped the medications right away. 
      My life went down hill from there. I started having moments of numbness throughout my body. Hands, feet, left arm, parts of my face. Pains in my joints and muscles that were sometimes unbearable. What is wrong with me? Am I going crazy? 
      Doctors.. Specialists.. I felt like they all knew me as "the crazy one". They found a "false" positive of Lyme in me. Was explained that I once had it, but now I dont. And my levels aren't high enough to treat. Really? What does that even mean? 
     Was sent to a Specialist in another hospital in a different state. In the end, he couldn't do anything because his practice can only go so far into testings. They found it "unnecessary". He tried sending me home with a prescription of different Anxiety and Depression medications to try. I threw it out as soon as I left the office. 
     Scariest testings I had done, was the nerve test. I was shoved into, what felt like hundreds, of needles with electric shocks jolting into my muscles. And they didn't find anything wrong.. shocking..
      I finally had myself convinced I was crazy. All these years and no answers. My children are going to grow up without a Mother, this was how I was going to die.
       To deal with my pain, I started acupuncture. She explained that Chinese medicine is not like going to your regular Medical Practitioner. And how they listen to your body as a whole, through your pulses. Every-time I saw her, she kept telling me my body is getting weaker. After 6 or 7 small treatments with the needles, she finally gave me a full treatment. This time on my back. After my treatment, she didn't like the way my back looked. Very blotchy, but only in certain areas. She said it looks like I have something toxic going on in my body. Mold? Lyme? 
     She referred me to her friend that is a Holistic/Integrative doctor. My first appointment, she sat and spoke with me for over 2 hours, wanting to know everything, looking at all of my past blood work. I will never forget her reaction. She jumped up and ran out of the room. When she came back in, she was convinced she knew what was wrong with me. She was so upset that these doctors wouldn't go further with my "false" positive of Lyme. She had to start bringing my body back to life. Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Charcoal, Adrenal Gland Support. 
       June 5th, 2018. There it was. A full positive of Babesia. A co-infection of Lyme, from that tick-bite. I'm now on a path to getting my health and life back. Dont ever give up hope! 
"What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger". 

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December 07, 2018