I was raised in a very disfunction household. My father was an addict with mental health problems, and my mother was an enabler. She was also in denial. I don’t remember much of my childhood. Come to find out after getting help in 2008, I had D.I.D and B.P.D. My father sexually abused me from age 6 to age. 17. He was very abused mentally, emotionally and physically also, not only to me, but my mom too. When I was 17, my mom allowed my 1st hubby to move in with us. This was her way of stopping the sexually abuse. At 18, I gave birth and married my boyfriend. In 2005, my mom chose to divorce my dad. I was in nursing school at that time, my father shot him self in front of me and I did c.p.r.  My addiction start to help me numb all this pain. He lived and my addiction went south. I divorced my 1st husband and married a 1% who had all the drugs I need to survive. For for about 4 years I was lost to my kids and family. I was working as an lvn and had a club house, a tattoo business, and a strip club. And, all the drugs. I would show up for the school things, but always high. When I got clean for the 1st time, I realized my own mental health issues. I also realized I had to leave Tennessee and that lifestyle. My mother who was still on denial, offered for me to come to California. So with 3 kids and 4 suitcases, I left. I was 5 years clean and got my nursing license here in California. But, I never worked on my core issues and relapse came shortly after. I gave up my kids to my mom, my nursing lic to the state and was homeless. In 2015, I gave recovery and my mental health a 2nd chance. That was the best thing I have done for myself. I finally realized my self-worth. I worked hard on myself and now I have my kids back and an awesome husband who supporters my journey. I have a job where I am trusted with someone's life, money and mom. I get to be a grandmother of 2 kids and an example to my kids of a healthy women.  I am truly a work in progress, always learning new coping mechanisms and how to just be me. 

I love the collection, "I Am". Why you ask? I had people my whole life put me down. When I wear this brand, it makes me confident and reminds me how much I have grown. I Am Me!

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September 07, 2022