Krissy's Story: Truly A Work In Progress

Krissy's Story: Truly A Work In Progress

I was raised in a very disfunction household. My father was an addict with mental health problems, and my mother was an enabler. She was also in denial. I don’t remember much of my childhood. Come to find out after getting help in 2008, I had D.I.D and B.P.D. My father sexually abused me from age 6 to age. 17. He was very abused mentally, emotionally and physically also, not only to me, but my mom too. When I was 17, my mom allowed my 1st hubby to move in with us. This was her way of stopping the sexually abuse. At 18, I gave birth and married my boyfriend. In 2005, my mom chose to divorce my dad. I was in nursing school at that time, my father shot him self in front of me and I did c.p.r.  My addiction start to help me numb all this pain. He lived and my addiction went south. I divorced my 1st husband and married a 1% who had all the drugs I need to survive. For for about 4 years I was lost to my kids and family. I was working as an lvn and had a club house, a tattoo business, and a strip club. And, all the drugs. I would show up for the school things, but always high. When I got clean for the 1st time, I realized my own mental health issues. I also realized I had to leave Tennessee and that lifestyle. My mother who was still on denial, offered for me to come to California. So with 3 kids and 4 suitcases, I left. I was 5 years clean and got my nursing license here in California. But, I never worked on my core issues and relapse came shortly after. I gave up my kids to my mom, my nursing lic to the state and was homeless. In 2015, I gave recovery and my mental health a 2nd chance. That was the best thing I have done for myself. I finally realized my self-worth. I worked hard on myself and now I have my kids back and an awesome husband who supporters my journey. I have a job where I am trusted with someone's life, money and mom. I get to be a grandmother of 2 kids and an example to my kids of a healthy women.  I am truly a work in progress, always learning new coping mechanisms and how to just be me. 

I love the collection, "I Am". Why you ask? I had people my whole life put me down. When I wear this brand, it makes me confident and reminds me how much I have grown. I Am Me!

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Meet Tribe Member Lydia

Meet Tribe Member Lydia


Kristina Birowski September 15 2022

Yes write ur story there is a freedom like none I have known . And plz email me
And Tammy and Michelle ty ladies ❤️

Sheila Brower September 12 2022

So so very happy for you, us, and every Beautiful Disaster that reads your story and the other great warrior stories, we truly deserve to be loved, happy and respected!! I have wanted to write my story but just never get it done but you have totally inspired me more than ever, thank you!! I wish we were all closer so we could all share our stories and new life’s!! Stay strong and remember your never alone!! Sending lots of love and hugs!!! Always Grateful, Thankful and Blessed

Michelle September 11 2022

I’m so proud of you for all the hard work and many amazing accomplishments you have made in your life!! Please put your left hand on your right shoulder and your right hand on your left shoulder… (do it right now!)
Give a good squeeze! That’s a hug from Chicago!

Tammy Snyder September 11 2022

you are worth it! you are enough! you are strong! you are more worth it than i bet you even know. goddess bless you and keep you sober. many blessing and keep up the good work, you deserve sobriety and the life it helps us build.