To me, a Beautiful Disaster is a girl who knows she has flaws and realizes that’s what makes her into the unique person she is. I’m complicated - - I’m sassy, strong-willed, funny, daring, and determined, but I’m also disheveled, disorganized, nervous, shy, unsure, and overwhelmed. I think anyone can be a Beautiful Disaster at any age. I’m only 10!

Why do I identify with the Beautiful Disaster Brand? Girl power! I like Beautiful Disaster’s positive messages and edgy designs. My mom says that some of the sayings are too adult for me (like the ones with the curses), but I like them all anyway.  I also like that there is a tribe of imperfect ladies who are supportive of each other’s imperfections.                  

My family is great, but I do have problems that make life hard. That’s because I’m a bi-racial adopted child who has ADHD. When I am honest with kids about me, sometimes they bully me.  Also, my ADHD makes it hard for me to focus, which makes school hard, which makes me uncertain of myself, and sometimes that affects how I behave around people. My parents and other adults also have certain expectations of me and it’s hard to live up to them.  

I figured out that I have to learn to accept and love myself for who I am. I try to act confident even if it I don’t feel that way. I try to ignore the bullies. I try to focus on the good stuff about me - my creativity, the way I can do sports and swim well, and how I can make people laugh.

My life is still hard, but getting better. Every day, I get closer to appreciating what makes me special. I take it one day at a time.  

 I love the water bottle because it has all of the different Beautiful Disaster designs on it and I can take it to school every day.  In clothing, I like the Phoenix because in Mythology, a Phoenix is an immortal bird that keeps being reborn.  That’s like me because as I get older, I keep changing a little. I also love the fire colors of the bird and the message because I feel like I have a fire in me that keeps me going. 

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September 15, 2022