I was raised to be a powerful, independent, and never let a man hurt me type of woman.

Growing up in the 80’s-90’s…. it seemed men were only attracted to women who were skinny with big breasted….. I literally looked just like Marilyn Monroe; hour glass curvy figure with a beautiful face, but with gorgeous honey-yellow eyes, yet I had an extremely hard time looking in the mirror to see that beauty and never found one thing I liked about myself.
I would date men that were extremely abusive in every way, shape and style. I had many black eyes, broken ribs, hairline fractures everywhere and I was dealing with a medical condition that caused me to have severe chronic pain on top of that…. I needed a certain type of surgery, so I don’t get Pancreatic Cancer and I still didn’t take care of or love myself.
It wasn’t until I broke my leg that I turned my life back to the woman I used to be and who was loved deeply. As I was laying in the snow on my back staring into the beautiful dark starry and snowy night that I said, “ YOU WIN!!!” My higher power has been giving me many signs to get out of my abusive relationship and I stayed because I thought, “I love him and he’ll change his ways…” yet it never happened. It took me breaking my leg and needing 10 surgeries later to stop me from staying with my man.
When I moved to Paradise, California after the Camp Fire to be closer to my family I found Beautiful Disaster. I donated my entire wardrobe to women who needed nice, new clothes and purchased over $2,000 worth of BD products … to remind me of EVERYTHING that BD represents and stands for. Now, all I wear besides scrubs for work is Beautiful Disaster. 
I absofreakinlutely love Beautiful Disaster. I even got my sister-in-law into BD …. & naturally many women who saw my gear started buying from BD. 
I love waking up every morning and looking inside my wardrobe, or at my sherpa blanket on my bed, and seeing Beautiful Disaster. I even made a picture frame that has every single quote that’s printed  and included in every BD shipping box on my wall….. plus my BD water bottle that goes everywhere with me; reminding myself that I’m a gorgeous strong woman and I love myself…. curves and all.
BD is with me 24-7 . No matter where I’m going I have a BD product with or on me. I love this company wholeheartedly and I’ll be a loyal customer for life! 
Thank you ladies….. for everything that you do. Thanks to all of you….. I’m reminded every day when I go to work and take care of my patients that BD is constantly in my head and I pass along the website to EVERY woman out there who needs to be reminded that they’re loved and stunning no matter what! 
Thank You Ladies! Always, Kerry from Paradise, California 💋

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December 30, 2021