Holly McCormack: Proud of the Strength & Courage She's Obtained through Sobriety

Holly McCormack: Proud of the Strength & Courage She's Obtained through Sobriety

Hi! My name is Holly N. McCormack. My 2 year sobriety anniversary is coming up, so I'd like to share my story, of what is was like, to now. My journey began at 14 years old, finding out & being told by my Mom, she wasn't my Mom. That was the beginning of the self destructive behavior.

I began drinking at my 15 birthday. Many many years of enduring sexual abuse by the hands of family, cousins. That truly began at age 7 until my first year of marriage. It was horrible, no one helping me, I thought it was okay until I was aging total hurt, embarrassment, I hated what I was doing, I am here. This escalated use of cocaine, alcohol & so many pains I could've stopped.

I wanted to model with any agency, I've always been determined. I went to New York, gave every agency my photo, met a beautiful man, which later became one of the most notorious Infamous Robert Chambers, The Preppy Killer. I began modeling, going to see Robert, partying my life away, I could & would light up a room.

From New York, to Chicago to L.A. my life was a hot mess. I just couldn't see this. Family would yell and scream, I had the same I was bringing no harm to anyone remark.....It's not their business. While always on a plane, to here or there. If the rules applied, I had no fear!!!!! I was running from all my hurt, my pain instead of realizing I didn't care about me, myself, my self worth. I was asked to smuggle drugs, I was in adult magazines, I loved life. I was missing something.

The matriarch of our family passed & I continued my spiral. Defending my beliefs, praying only when I felt like praying, extremely horrid behavior. I was very loyal, but was betrayed after years of fighting my beliefs, only to be ridiculed, threatened, lied to. I had recovery time, but stopped using my tools, almost two years, I found out my bff, had cancer & wasn't going to live, dad cancer, another ass beaten from a man, I took 62 pills, drank. I was also addicted to Xanax Clonzepams more then half my life, for anxiety. Panic disorder.

Today, I am free, It's all about my responses to a situation, if I'm not careful, I could get in my head, but I won't allow it. My friend since then has passed, Dad working on family. I'm happy who I am, I'm not ashamed, not have to get totally shit faced just to be myself!!!!!!! I thank God for lifting my head out of the darkness, to see another day.

My name is Holly McCormack & I'm a grateful recovering addict!!! I'd like to nominate MYSELF!!! I'm happy & proud of the strength & courage I've obtained!!! I really want to share with everyone, together we can overcome anything. I've learned to cry, hurt, feel the pain, let it out.

Then thank God I'm alive. 


Facebook is: Holly Beresh,

Instagram: @hollywoodloves

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