I wanted to share my story as to why I’m a beautiful disaster. It all started when I was working as an ER nurse in the emergency room. I was on the trauma team when a patient arrived a gun shot wound. I went right to work. He was bleeding out so fast, so I was running to get units of blood when I slipped and fell flat on my back not even realizing the damage it had done. After a few days of working I started having problems walking and my right leg swelling, so I went and saw my primary care doctor and that is when the real nightmare started. He began giving me pain killers which I never took in my life, and of course it then turned into a workers comp. injury and only got worse. I was sent to a surgeon and was told I needed immediate back surgery and was terrified!! So they began sending me to a pain doctor who was was giving me high potency pain killers that eventually turned into a very serious addiction to me. I couldn’t function with out taking 5 different pain killers and didn’t realize the effect it would have on my body and brain. As time went on I continued to abuse the pain medication after they tried to take me off of them I made excuses just to get them, or buy them off the street just to function on a daily basis. And if I could not find pills I would smoke cocaine to relieve all the stress and money problems I was having. Until one day I overdosed on pills, alcohol, and cocaine. 


I thank my husband who saved my life and got me into treatment and I won’t lie, I hated it, but after about 2 weeks I began to embrace it, I thought this is not who I am, after 2 years of treatment and an out patient program, I felt stronger and didn’t need the pills or drugs to live my life, I can now proudly say I’ve been clean 5 years, I don’t drink, or use drugs, it was hard in the beginning going back to a normal life but my husband moved me away from all the bad influences around me. It was hard in the beginning to find a job, but I finally got an opportunity and I opened the door to a job I love working with tools, getting dirty and greasy, assembling work out bikes. I still have problems with my right leg but my doctors say it’s good for me to work and get outside instead of sitting around at my new place. He was right, I get up early and enjoy going to work, I am on seizure medicine, and another medicine for opiate withdraws, but it definitely works. But I still didn’t feel like the badass chick I am until I saw your clothing line, and that just kicked me in high gear to work overtime so I can get my bills paid and order what I can afford from your website. The compliments I get make me feel like a normal person again after all that BS I went through. I just wanted to thank you for letting me tell my story of addiction and how you can beat it with the positive people and family that does care about you, especially you with your clothing line, again Thank you so much, this was definitely icing on the cake.!!!! You’re forever customer, Georgette Garr.

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March 23, 2020