My humility keeps me grounded. I am not perfect. I make mistakes, but my only success in life is to learn from my mistakes and keep pushing forward. If I give up, my adult children will see that I am not nearly as strong as they believe me to be. It is their faith in me that keeps my fighting everyday just to be a better me than the day before. Not every day goes according to plan. But, that’s when you gotta pull yourself up by your bootstraps and dust yourself off and keep going, that’s what my dad always told me.

I identify with the BD brand because it represents self empowerment, a journey to being a better person, a way of life. I see so many women tear other women down and it breaks my heart. Jealousy is an ugly thing and jealous women seem to forget one thing – not one woman should ever be compared to another. We all have our own journey / path to take and each one is different from the other. What works for one woman will not work for another. Therefore we need to support each other and trust each other and offer advice when asked for, otherwise – just listen to each other.

I was a teen mom. My son was diagnosed with cancer at age 3 and was put into remission by St Jude’s at age 7. My ex was an abusive alcoholic and after 11 years, I found the strength to leave. I moved on and fell in love a year later and was proposed to. Two months after that my fiancé took his life at our family home. I was in a very dark place afterwards and it took me years to recover. Two years after his passing I met someone who I immediately put in the friend zone…. He became my best friend and 4 years later we were married. He has supported me through the passing of my father and I know I can always count on him to lift me up. 

 I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, endplate sclerosis, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease and a heart condition. February of 2020 I decided I wanted to regain my health and I went on a mission. I contacted a clinic in Mexico and flew down there and had surgery to remove 80% of my stomach. This was not an easy way out. This is simply the tool, but I am the one who still has to do the hard work to lose the weight and maintain my goal weight. In 2020, I walked just over 2000 miles, I cut out all sugars, sodas, breads and pastas. I eat clean and I drink lots of water. I started this journey with my highest weight of 250lbs and my journey has landed with me being healthy and now weighing 128lbs. 

I am now in the biggest fight of my life as I was just diagnosed with BRCA2 gene and my oncologist told me that I will need to have a double mastectomy and hysterectomy if I want to secure my spot in my future as I come from a long line of Breast Cancer. I will keep pushing forward. It’s all I know to do. #CANCERSUCKS

I still battle depression. But, I have the tools to keep myself from drowning in it. I still have insecurities and self esteem issues just as every other woman out there – but everyday I try to find something I am grateful for. I enjoy shopping and partaking in any activity possible. I hold myself accountable for my actions and I keep myself humble, because whatever I might gripe about someone else – could be something someone else is griping about me… I am not perfect, I am human. I am a survivor. My strength is limitless.

My favorite BD item is most definitely my hoodie. It makes a statement I stand by….

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March 02, 2022