I'm a sexual abuse survivor by the hands of my step father. He sexually abused me for 11 years when I was younger. It started at age 6 and continued until I was 17, until I ran away from home. I couldn't get anyone to listen to me, I couldn't get help. It left a big impact on me. I'm now 60 and suffer from PTSD, Anxiety Disorder and Bipolar 1. It's been a long road to recovery and learning to love myself. Then, this time last year, I was in a 63 coma from Covid. I was on the ventilator. I had pneumonia and a respiratory infection and a blood clot on my right lung. My chances are survival were very thin the doctors told my family, BUT here I am!!!  I am a fighter..I am a WARRIOR. Everything I've overcome made me the person I am today..I'm strong and no one will ever hurt me again. I've survived, but not without scars, not physical, but scars. God is my Savior, His love helps me stay on the straight and narrow. When something comes up that I think "OH NO WHAT DO I DO"!! I hand it over to God and I put it in His hands. His love surrounds me and empowers me. Nothing, and I mean nothing, will ever put my shining light out again. Your site just popped up out of now where, so glad I found it. I can't wait to get my clothes I ordered and I will wear my Perfect Disaster like a badge. God's Blessings to All Remain strong, love yourself and never let anyone take away your shining light as you heal.

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August 12, 2022