You have seen her on our Facebook and Instagram – she has been a Beautiful Disaster brand rep & model for a couple years now – but that’s not what makes us love – we love who she is and what she represents. The idea that nothing changes until you change it, the inspiration in the brave moves she made to sacrifice her fun and youth in order to put her son first. Your a badass Courtnee, much respect from the BD tribe.

“Jump and the net will appear”.

Meet Courtnee:

I’ve had a love for Beautiful Disaster Clothing for quite a few years now! The “don’t mess with me or I’ll kick your ass and look pretty doing it oh and here’s some sassy sparkles, bows and pink stuff too!” is so my style!

However the term “Beautiful Disaster” has a whole new meaning to me now.

At the ages of 19 and 20 I was living with girlfriends, going out several times a week and basically had my entire life ahead of me to be free, irresponsible, and selfish until I decided otherwise. At the age of (barely) 21 I found out I was pregnant with my abusive on again-off again (mostly off) boyfriend of 4 years.

At that exact moment I knew my life would go one of two ways

  1. A) He would grow up and get his sh*t together for this baby and I or
  2. B) I would be stuck doing this alone.

Well of course a leopard never changes his spots and about a year and lots of pointless and excessive drama later I realized my beautiful baby boy and I could take this lifestyle no longer! I decided to distance myself completely from all toxicity and negativity in my life and started on an entirely new and fresh path!

Thank God for the amazing and supportive friends and family in my life because I couldn’t have done it without them! It was some of the darkest and loneliest times in my life but I knew I had to get through it for my son and I.

Now at the young age of 23 having a 17 month old son I’ve sacrificed my younger years and my “me” time. Staying home on weekends, not washing my hair for God knows how long, wearing the same yoga pants for 2 days straight, and living entirely off caffeine.

It’s in these moments that I realize I am the true definition of a “Beautiful Disaster” because even in the days I look a mess, my son is bathed, dressed, fed, playing with all his favorite toys and is completely happy and constantly smiling. I can honestly say I’m doing the best that I possibly can all while staying positive and looking at the glass half full. I know I have a purpose in life and even though my hair and makeup isn’t always done or I wasn’t able to get my workout in, at the end of the day when dishes and laundry are done and I’ve managed to keep myself and my baby alive I feel on top of the world and I can say “yes! I made it through today!” (While my superwoman cape floats behind me). That’s when I feel more accomplished than I have my entire life and the most Beautiful!

Beautiful Disaster that is.

A short Q&A with Courtnee:

What attracts you to the Beautiful Disaster Brand?

  1. I love that the Beautiful Disaster brand incorporates all my favorite things. Tough and sassy yet sweet and sultry. Pink and black, sparkles, bows, and spikes. Beautiful Disaster blends all things opposite that blend together effortlessly and describe me perfectly.

 What is your favorite BD Item?

  1. Oh man what a tough one. It’s almost completely impossible to choose BUT I think I would have to choose the “Brewed Dirty” tank only because as a single mom caffeine, but more specifically coffee and mochas hold a very dear place in my heart. I can’t start my day without making coffee. I even have my own espresso machine at home!

 What do you think Beautiful Disaster Clothing’s mission is?

  1. I think BD’s mission as a whole would be to urge everyone to be themselves and to show you that it’s ok to be different and that there are tons of women all over the world that may not necessarily fit into any certain box but can be wonderful! Whether it be having a crazy hair color, having tattoos, piercings you name it! We’re all beautiful in our one way but some of us get to be Beautiful Disasters

 Describe yourself in 1 word

  1. Hmm I would have to say tough. I always try to put my best foot forward in every situation but life has taught me that I won’t get anywhere by being taken advantage of and I need to stand up for myself even if that means it doesn’t make some people happy. At the end of the day you have to be happy with yourself and you can’t do that by compromising your morals, comfort, and personality to fit into others ideas of who they think you should be and what you should act like.

 Words of Wisdom…….

  1. Some words of wisdom to anyone reading this would be to make yourself happy at all costs. Do what you need to do and live how you need to live to make yourself happy. You have one life to live live it for yourself not others. You’ll ruffle some feathers along the way but after every hardship you should be able to stand up, brush yourself off, fix your lip gloss and move on knowing that you’re fulfilling exactly who you were intended to be

Original Submission: 4/14/15

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April 14, 2015