Hey my name is Amy J. I just wanted to tell you how much I love your products, clothing line and how you support other woman becoming warriors one day at time. I am a Beautiful Disaster because what hasn’t killed me has made me stronger and wiser. I used to think I didn’t deserve better because of my bluntly honest, no-filter personality. I thought since people think I am a bitch that I only deserved assholes for a long time. I put up with the verbal abuse because I would tell them back off right back. I was verbally abused for a long time and thought that I couldn’t get any better because of being a bigger, plus size woman with wild spirit and a sassy mouth!  But on Mother’s Day 2015, I was abused so badly in front of my children that only God gave me the strength to fight off an angry drunk 6’ft 2 and 280 pound man. I was beat and strangled for an hour straight praying that God gives me the strength to protect my children, but defense is half the fight. He put scissors to my throat and told me he was going to kill me. He then told me pray to my God see if he saves me! I told him that even if he kills me that our children will not forgive him! That is the only that snapped him back to reality that he would not just go to jail, but his Children would never forgive him for killing me. That is the only way got him to stop  After being hospitalized, I got a restraining order to protect us. It took me along time to get through the PTSD to leave the house or let anyone in my house and to let go of the hate in my heart, so I can forgive him, not for him, but for me to let go of the anger and hate, so I can move on with my life! I know that what’s doesn’t kill is makes us stronger and God wants me to be here for a reason! I am far from perfect, but I know my worth now! And I will never settle again! Glowing and growing everyday! 

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June 21, 2022