My name is Amy and I am a Beautiful Disaster. I have been an addict due to an accident where the unimaginable happened. Years ago, I was in an accident involving a motor vehicle. I had accidentally backed over my 19 month old nephew and he passed away. It's the only time in my life I have tried to commit suicide and, yet, I survived. I masked myself with methamphetamine for many years to not feel the pain and guilt I carried.

Due to my drug addiction, I was set up with an undercover cop and had been in and out of the penitentiary 3 different times due to distribution. At the time,  felt I didn't deserve to be a mother to my two children because I accidentally had taken a baby away from his mother.

I, then, chose to be in and out of my kids lives causing them pain and resentments towards me. One regret I have is not being the mother I knew I could have been and kicking the drug along time ago..

Today, I am 2 months clean and am in recovery. I have done a total 360 to better my future and life. I am involved and active daily in both my teenagers lives, Makayla and Austin, and now am an active grandma to a 8 month old baby boy Cooper as well. I still have struggles, but my mindset is totally different and I press on for addicts everyday.

I post before and after pictures of me in addiction and in recovery. I have a powerful story that I know could help many people, including myself. I try not to judge others and influence them in a positive way in hopes of them turning around in their lives. I can honestly say I have been in the gangsta life and now I'm not. Im on the good and narrow. God is a huge part of taking my temptations away, and seeing my worth unfold again, is all owed to him above.

I love Beautiful Disaster because of the message it entails for others. This is why I believe I am a Beautiful Disaster and I would represent this brand ANY DAY of the week. Thank u for your time and for personally caring about my story. 

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December 30, 2021