Amanda Serravite: She Came Out Of Rehab With Nothing

Amanda Serravite: She Came Out Of Rehab With Nothing

My name is Amanda. I am 33 yrs old and a single mom to a special unique son AJ who is 11 yrs old. My beautiful disaster story started when I was 6 months old. I was adopted from Colombia, South America. God blessed me with 2 very loving parents.


I was no easy picnic for them growing up. School was never easy for me. Never really fitting in, always trying to be someone I wasn't. Getting into fights, cutting classes and school in general. When I was 16 my father passed away. I was lucky to have special close relationship and felt my world was over when he left.


Luckily I got my act together to graduate on time from HS and I did. I did it for my dad!! After graduation I moved to CT with my mom to be closer to her family and to have a new start. It was there I met my sons father, rushed into everything, marriage, baby, buying a home and you name it, and all by the age of 22.


I was very sick before i had my son, during and after. In and out of the hospitals, tests, medication, certain diets you name it. I ended up moving back to Long Island NY with my son and came close to being married once again. I was holding on to a secret more than I could handle. With being so sick for many years I became addicted to prescription medication.


I purposely ruined my relationship so I wouldn't ruin someone else's life more than what i was doing to mine because he was a great person and father figure to my son. Knowing I was ending my relationship I decided that in order for me to get my act together I had to make the ultimate decision I ever never thought I would ever have to make. I decided to have my son go live with his father back in CT.


Once he left my heart was broken yet again. It was because I let him down. With the help of someone who finally made me see the light and that I am not a horrible person, mother, friend I decided to finally get my act together and went to rehab for the last time. Which I completed without argument and negativity.


I came out with nothing. My job I had I quit, my car I had my friend sell it, everything i had gone. I came out with nothing. My friend who turned into my boyfriend had me move it and saw how hard it was for me to get back on my feet. I would take 2 steps forward and get knocked down 10, but I still got back up.


I am happy to report on June 20th it will be my 4 year sobriety and I have gained residency of my son. I have a great job a new car. There had been other situations in the past 4 years that would had me beaten and way more rock bottom than ever but as many times as I was kicked down I got right back up and kept going and wont stop. 

To me, I am a Beautiful Disaster and for every bad event in my life, wrong road I went down wrong turn I made, I smile big and bright because I know where I have been where I am and where I want to be and i will never stop!!!

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doreen hunchak March 30 2021

sissy its me and I need your help sorry I never went to get my belongings from East Coast been in PA helping family I have to go pay Michelle tomorrow and see Laura and need help on getting a preapproval letter for my mans counsin in PA to get a home for her and her 4 kids one being an infant only 5 mos old dad in jail living in a hotel if you don’t want to be involved I completely understand but there is noone I trust other than you and we both make a commission on this split 50 50 this is not my family and fuck that shit today doing free shit for nobody you understand that me no job no car was arrested by me ex and my dog gone lost sissy can you help me and no phone lost it in PA long fucken story

Nicole August 14 2019

Your story is SO eerily similar to mine from moving to CT back home to Long Island. I became addicted to prescription pain pills after 14 years of using them as normal, but after the birth of my 2nd child, depression kicked in and I wanted to just check out. Living sober now is a blessing and I am grateful for each day! Thank you for sharing your story.

Joyce Stinson May 24 2019

Congrats on your sobriety. I am 3 years clean from prescription pain meds as well. That is how I could relate to. the name the clothing line was given. So unique and beautuful. Thank you for letting me share. Good luck for the long haul because it is a for the rest of your life kinda thing. I will be purchasing more in the future. Good job!!!!

Anna May 24 2019

Congratulations on your 4 year sobriety. You’ve come a long way. Just want to let you know I am proud of your hard work and commitment to yourself and your son. Reach for the Stars.