My name is Amanda. I am 33 yrs old and a single mom to a special unique son AJ who is 11 yrs old. My beautiful disaster story started when I was 6 months old. I was adopted from Colombia, South America. God blessed me with 2 very loving parents.


I was no easy picnic for them growing up. School was never easy for me. Never really fitting in, always trying to be someone I wasn't. Getting into fights, cutting classes and school in general. When I was 16 my father passed away. I was lucky to have special close relationship and felt my world was over when he left.


Luckily I got my act together to graduate on time from HS and I did. I did it for my dad!! After graduation I moved to CT with my mom to be closer to her family and to have a new start. It was there I met my sons father, rushed into everything, marriage, baby, buying a home and you name it, and all by the age of 22.


I was very sick before i had my son, during and after. In and out of the hospitals, tests, medication, certain diets you name it. I ended up moving back to Long Island NY with my son and came close to being married once again. I was holding on to a secret more than I could handle. With being so sick for many years I became addicted to prescription medication.


I purposely ruined my relationship so I wouldn't ruin someone else's life more than what i was doing to mine because he was a great person and father figure to my son. Knowing I was ending my relationship I decided that in order for me to get my act together I had to make the ultimate decision I ever never thought I would ever have to make. I decided to have my son go live with his father back in CT.


Once he left my heart was broken yet again. It was because I let him down. With the help of someone who finally made me see the light and that I am not a horrible person, mother, friend I decided to finally get my act together and went to rehab for the last time. Which I completed without argument and negativity.


I came out with nothing. My job I had I quit, my car I had my friend sell it, everything i had gone. I came out with nothing. My friend who turned into my boyfriend had me move it and saw how hard it was for me to get back on my feet. I would take 2 steps forward and get knocked down 10, but I still got back up.


I am happy to report on June 20th it will be my 4 year sobriety and I have gained residency of my son. I have a great job a new car. There had been other situations in the past 4 years that would had me beaten and way more rock bottom than ever but as many times as I was kicked down I got right back up and kept going and wont stop. 

To me, I am a Beautiful Disaster and for every bad event in my life, wrong road I went down wrong turn I made, I smile big and bright because I know where I have been where I am and where I want to be and i will never stop!!!

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May 24, 2019