BD Liquid Lipstick Duo

Why We Love It

Beautiful Disaster Liquid Lipsticks - a dynamic duo for lips that demand attention! This set of two packs an instant punch of shine and color, sticking around like your sassy sidekick!

These lip colors aren't just here to play, they're here to slay. Easy to apply and easy to love! So pucker up, put on some liquid lipstick and live a little!

Beautiful: A cool pink nude for everyday wear!

Disaster: A vibrant pop of pink to make them stare!


Shipping Information

Please allow 4-7 business days for us to process your order. We strive to fulfill orders in 2-4 business days, but sometimes we need a little more time to catch up! Shipping in the USA generally takes 2-10 business days. Worldwide shipping takes 3-14 days depending on the service you pay for and the country you live in.